Blaise Keller

Tiny House, Big Trend

A business in Vermillion has manufactured four 240 sq. ft. homes

When searching for a house or apartment, there’s the usual option of one-bedroom, two-bedroom or studio.But in Vermillion, people can look into buying a new type of home, one that is less than 300 sq. ft.These tiny houses have become a huge trend.HGTV has featured many of the one-room-fits-all homes.

Trailer Full Of Camping Gear Stolen From Church

The lead pastor estimates the loss nearly $10,000

Returning from a relaxing, unplugged camping trip is never easy, but finding out that all the items used during that trip were stolen, is even harder.That’s the reality for one Sioux Falls church.”We’ve been taking kids up to northern Minnesota, up to Crow Wing for over 20 years now,” says Holy Cross Lutheran Church lead Pastor Nick Collins.

WalletHub: SD Most Lenient State On Drunk Drivers

No minimum fine or jail time credited to the ranking

South Dakota has fallen to the end of the list on a survey that ranks the toughest penalties and prevention when dealing with drunk drivers.With no required minimum fine or jail time, WalletHub has deemed the state lenient.But one state’s attorney says they need to pump the brakes on these accusations.

ISU Students Create Solar-Powered Car, Drive It Through South Dakota

"It uses the same amount of energy as an electric hairdryer to go 45 mph”

Instead of reading text books and writing papers, a group of 70 Iowa State University students created a means of transportation.”There’s a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of members of the team that stayed up several nights assembling the battery pack, assembling the electronics, building the car,” says ISU Junior Matt Goode.

Scheels Hosts Dock Dog Competition

Area canines can participate in three categories: height, length and speed

With the pheasant opener and goose hunting season right around the corner, Scheels held an outdoor exposition in Sioux Falls.But it was more than just a big sale.They had activities for people of all ages, and even their pets.Dogs got in on the fun, participating in a dock-dog jumping competition.

Youth Crime Nearing Adult Crime Rate

Sioux Falls Police credit this to an increase in population and summer

With multiple burglaries, gun shots being fired out of cars, and most recently, an 18-year-old beaten to death over the weekend,It seems like crime is on an up-tick, and juveniles are the ones involved in it.But law enforcement says the increase is not that bad.

Robberies, Burglaries, Drug Cases On The Rise

City and County law enforcement say increase in crime is affecting the jail

They’re housed in the same building, and share a single crime lab and investigative division.It’s no surprise that the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office works closely with the Sioux Falls Police Department.But something that is unusual is how often this collaboration is occurring.The two agencies say this is due to an increase in crime, and it’s affecting more areas than one.