Blaise Keller

‘Hope For Heather Tott’

The sister of a Sioux City woman with MS organized a fundraiser to help with treatment

The Boiling Point in Brandon is hosting a bean bag tournament, raffle and drink special right now, all for a good cause.All the proceeds are going to Heather Tott, a 25-year-old Sioux City mom who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for 8 years now.

City Admin. Building Battle Petition Has Its Day In Court

Judge expected to decide if signatures are valid Thursday

It is the ‘Stop the Funding’ organizers against the Sioux Falls city clerk.A civil lawsuit looking to reverse the invalid ruling of more than 6,000 petition signatures took place this morning.The signatures were collected to halt the City from selling bonds for an administration building.But those involved will have to wait one more day for the ruling.

Changes To Homecoming Celebration Receives Opposition

A petition was created against the name change of KiYi to Sagitta

Homecoming is all about celebrating school pride.But changes to a 76 year-old- tradition have diminished that pride for some students at Watertown High School.And they want to go back.”This year’s homecoming wasn’t as motivational,” says Watertown High School Sophomore Spencer Marotz.

Pumpkin Festival To Return In Canton

Riverview Christmas Tree Farm will be opening up shop early this year

After a five year hiatus, a popular pumpkin festival is returning to the Sioux Empire.Riverview Christmas Tree Farm in Canton will be opening up shop early this year.During the first weekends of October, the seasonal business will be selling pumpkins.But that’s just the start of it.

Councilors Stand Their Ground

Councilor Stehly and Chairman Rolfing are defending Tuesday night's actions

It was a dramatic evening for Sioux Falls City Councilors last night.An argument between Councilor Theresa Stehly and Council Chairman Rex Rolfing ended with a gavel, an Rolfing telling Stehly she was out of order.”That wasn’t the right forum, it wasn’t the right forum,” says Rolfing.”I’ve had it with this closed door, behind door mentality that I’ve been experiencing,” adds Stehly.One day later, the two are defending their actions.

Good Samaritan Helps Clean Up Graffitied Park

A gazebo at The Outdoor Campus was covered in spray paint

Bizarre messages, curse words and offensive symbols, that’s what those walking around The Outdoor Campus found all over one of the gazebos last week.It has since been cleaned up, thanks to the City of Sioux Falls and a good samaritan from Lennox.”Somebody had posted pictures, just multiple pictures of it on the ground, so being a Sunday, I knew that they wouldn’t be able to get to it,” says Tony Tripp.

Dangers Of Playing With A Concussion

Study shows recovery is twice as long for athletes who stay in the game

The football culture has been changing over the years.Last night, officials forced Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor to come out of the game.He was evaluated for a concussion after taking an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit.While some may see this as unnecessary, experts say it is a good thing.A new survey has shown there are multiple benefits with taking players, who may have a concussion, out of the game.

Church Members Serve First Responders On Anniversary of 9/11

"To help us remember that without them, we would be in really big trouble”

While its firefighters, police officers and highway patrol troopers’ jobs to serve the community, members of a church in Sioux Falls decided it was their turn to serve them.A group of volunteers delivered care packages to all the first responders in the community.Bags of chips, teddy bears and personalized notes- the items in these care packages are simple, but the gesture behind them is far from that.

SF Man Returns From Volunteering in Louisiana

"They really appreciated all the help they could get, and they needed the help”

Thousands of people in need of rescue Thousands more homes destroyed, and more than a dozen lives lostIt’s all the aftermath of record flooding in Louisiana.To help, one Sioux Falls man made the trip with the American Red Cross.Now he’s back home, bringing with him unforgettable memories of the devastation that flooding left behind.