Blaise Keller

More Arrests Made In Developing Burglary Ring

Sgt. Jaros: "It seems to be a pretty big sized group that's been at it”

Police are making more arrests trying to catch the men involved in a ring of burglars.Detectives are connecting the thieves to tens of thousands of dollars in stolen items.Most of the thefts have taken place in Minnehaha, Lincoln and turner counties.Some have crossed the border into Minnesota and Iowa.

Toy Lending Library Finds New Home

The non-profit organization is now sharing a room with Health Connect of SD

With Kilian Community College closing this month, students are having to look for a new location to attend school.But they aren’t the only ones going through change.A non-profit toy lending organization that used to be housed in the Sioux Falls college, also had to pack up and leave.But the new spot is providing more resources than ever before.

Non-Profit Organization That Helps Sex Trafficking Victims Expands

"That's when the journey begins, when a woman is rescued"

The Sturgis motorcycle rally brings thousands to the state every year.It also exposes the reality of human trafficking in South Dakota.A non-profit organization that provides support services to victims of human trafficking has expanded.In the last couple of months, Call to Freedom has helped nearly 20 individuals navigate from a life of exploitation to self-efficiency.And the expansion stems from one woman’s experience at Sturgis.

How To Spot Sex Trafficking

Hospitality industry employees learn how to prevent commercial sexual exploitation

Hotels, casinos, conference venues, truck stops, the hospitality industry thrives on people from all around stopping in, using their service and leaving shortly after.It’s that quick turnaround that makes places like these an ideal spot for sex traffickers.One community in the Sioux Empire held a seminar training for hospitality employees to learn how to spot this illegal activity.

Athletes Keep Cool While Competing in Excessive Heat

"They're quick to point out when the water is getting low”

Temperatures are rising in the Sioux Empire.That’s not stopping some people from heading outdoors, but experts say it’s important to be smart in this weather.At the Sanford Sports Complex young football athletes kept cool today while performing in a 7 v. 7 tournament.

SFPD Disappointed With Latest Law Enforcement Slayings

"It's a tragic reminder that there are dangers in this job”

Three officers were shot and killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this weekend.Police say the officers were responding to a call of shots fired where they were ambushed at a gas station.That brings the total up to  8 for the number of law enforcement officers slain in just less than 2 weeks.

‘If You Care, Leave Them There’

A local outdoor learning facility is encouraging people to leave wild animals alone

If you care, leave them there.That’s the motto a local outdoor learning facility is encouraging people to go by, after a baby bison who was picked up at Yellowstone National Park was euthanized earlier today.The father and son thought the animal looked cold so they put it in their car last week.

Special Education Majors In High Demand

"It takes passion and heart and the right person because it can be challenging"

Professors at both Augustana and USF say there is a big need for special education majors both on the state and national level.The industry typically requires getting a double major in both elementary education and special education, meaning more time and more money.

City Trains For Flood Conditions

A temporary flood wall was built as part of an emergency preparedness excercise

In preparation of potential flood conditions, City officials were out this morning practicing putting up a temporary emergency flood wall at Dunham Park.“It’s critical that our teams practice and are familiar with the tasks involved with operation of the flood control system,” says Andy Berg, the Environmental/Stormwater Manager. 

Spink County Residents Speak Up Against Nuclear Waste Site

Those for it say the borehole will solely be used for research

The U.S. Department of Energy wants to conduct what they’re calling a science experiment in Spink County that would require drilling 16,000 feet into the ground.The DOE and the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology say the project will work to develop an alternative method for disposing nuclear waste.

Neighbors Weigh In On New Walmart Grand Opening

"It's not going away so we'll just have to deal with it”

An 187,000 sq. ft. super store on the south side of Sioux Falls will officially open tomorrow morning.Walmart on 85th and Minnesota is holding a grand opening celebration starting at 7:30 a.m., but not all are celebrating.Neighbors have been fighting against the store for years.