Blaise Keller

Veteran Program At Risk Of Closing

The Veterans Outreach program needs $150,000 to provide service year-round

A program that helps on average 20 veterans a day, who are on the verge of homelessness, is in a critical need for funding.The Veterans Outreach Program is staying open on a month-to-month basis, until they can find a way to come up with the $150,000 needed to provide services year-round.

Rejected Wind Farm Project Might Resurface

Juhl Energy Inc. is looking to create reusable energy in Sanborn County

The wind was definitely blowing today, and that’s exactly what one Minnesota-based company is trying to tap into.Juhl Energy Inc. is looking to build a 9-turbine wind farm in Sanborn County.The company first approached Davison County, but was rejected because of landowner concerns.Those concerns haven’t gone away.

Policy Issues Dominate Brookings April Ballot

"These are two major issues, which are important for the community to weigh in on"

While there are two open city council seats and one open school board seat, it’s the policy issues on the Brookings city-wide election ballot that is creating the most interest.Voters will be deciding how much they pay for their land as well as what kind of animals are allowed to roam it.

New City Administration Building Approved, Funding Delayed

The amended proposal was passed with the Mayor’s vote splitting a 4-4 tie.

The Sioux Falls City Council has approved a new $2.9 million city administration building, with a little wiggle room.The Council was voting on whether or not to approve selling tax bonds to pay for the construction of the 79,000 square foot building, which they did approve, but not in the original format. 

Woman Tied Up, Robbed At Gunpoint Left Shocked

An intruder abruptly woke up Sandra Andrews, 74, early Saturday morning

A Sioux Falls woman says she is shaken up after a man entered her apartment, tied her up and robbed her at gunpoint early Saturday morning.It happened at the 500 block of South Spring Ave. around 5 a.m.Police say the suspect got away with $1,000 in cash.

Big Paws Canine, Where Dogs Become Service Dogs

The foundation trains dogs to help wounded veterans and EMS personnel

Opening a door, doing laundry or turning on a light are easy tasks for most.But for wounded veterans and EMS personnel suffering from PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, breathing disorders or mobility challenges, these tasks can be impossible; which is where service dogs come in to play.A local volunteer-based foundation in Sioux Falls is training dogs and their owners to help with everyday routines.

Sen. Rounds Angry With US Army Corps Of Engineers

For a lack of progress the agency has made on managing the Missouri River

A hearing that was aimed to discuss improvement of the Missouri River left one U.S. senator angry this afternoon.Five years after the river flooded, senator mike rounds held a hearing in North Sioux City.But when he found out the US Army Corps of Engineers has yet to conduct a study that was authorized two years ago, the Senator was not pleased.

Meet The Sioux Falls City Council Candidates

Those looking to fill the 4 open seats spoke to locals on why they chose to run

In just two weeks the Sioux Falls City Council could have a 50 percent turnover.On April 12th, residents will be voting on four open council seats.With these many city council seats up for grabs, there are also a lot of candidates running, 12 of them to be exact.

“This Is About The People Having A Voice”

Sen. Grassley discusses reason behind wanting to keep Supreme Court vacancy

A U.S. Senator who has more say than most in Congress over the Supreme Court’s vacancy heard from Iowa voters today.Just a little under two weeks ago, President Obama nominated Chief Judge Merrick Garland to fill the seat.Typically, the next step is a senate vote on the nomination.However, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley says that decision should go to the American voters.

It Takes A Village, Mom Donates Extra Breast Milk

"I call Sawyer and Otis milk brothers"

With diapers, clothes, bottles and blankets, providing for a newborn is no cakewalk; and for some moms, providing the most essential item, breast milk, is even harder.But thanks to organizations like Eats on Feets, a spin-off of Meals on Wheels, and Human Milk 4 Human Babies, moms who are not able to produce their own breast milk, have a chance to get some from other moms in the community.

March Madness Mixed With Snow

Fans flying in were surprised to see the weather conditions

The women’s South Carolina, Syracuse, Ohio State and Tennessee basketball teams will all be playing in Sioux Falls in just one day.The Denny Sanford Premier Center is hosting the Sioux Falls Regional sweet 16 NCAA Women’s Division I basketball tournament.Which means people from all over will be visiting the Sioux Empire to watch the madness.

Sioux Falls Crime Lab Receives National Accreditation

Two of the six disciplines in the lab were presented a Certificate of Accreditation

When crime occurs in the Sioux empire, most people only see the flashing blue and red lights and the officers in badges on the scene.But it’s the police work that is done behind closed doors that is receiving national accreditation.

SDSU Fans Cheer On The Lady Jackrabbits In Brookings

Cubby's Sports Bar was packed once again Monday night

While it was hard for some jackrabbit fans to make the trip to California to watch their team play, there wasn’t a lack of fans in Brookings.People were getting to Cubby’s Sports Bar an hour before the game to get a seat, of course sporting their blue and yellow, and it was as loud as it was crowded.