Blaise Keller

Extreme Drought Conditions Expand Across South Dakota

15% of South Dakota Under Extreme Drought Conditions... Part Of Possible Long Term Area

The bad news continues for corn and soybean farmers across the South Dakota; the drought conditions have worsened across central portions of the state with now 15% of South Dakota underneath extreme drought conditions. The latest data from the Drought Mitigation Center shows a small area of extreme drought conditions developing in south parts of the Missouri River Valley. Drought…

Evapotranspiration – A Fancy Word For Corn Sweat

A Big Word Caused By Something On A Molecular Level

On a hot, sunny day in the middle of the Summer have you ever stopped and noticed how muggy it feels outside? Like instead of living in the Northern Plains, you’re living somewhere tropical but… there’s no ocean around. So what’s causing it to feel like that? Look around, chances are, especially if you’re in the Northern Plains, you’re surrounded…