Jill Johnson

Two Men Arrested For Using Counterfeit Bills At SF Business

Two men were arrested after trying to use counterfeit bills at a Sioux Falls business. Thirty-seven-year-old Senthong Noy Phiengsai and 29-year-old Brendan Xaysee Kue are charged with possession of a forged instrument, which is a felony. Police say the men were playing video lottery at a business on North Potsdam Avenue, near East Benson Road and East 39th Street North…

As Real As It Gets: Organization Uses Media To Demonstrate Impacts Of Impaired Driving

Prairie View Prevention Director: 'It's a long-term impact on your life'

Last year, there were 283 alcohol-related crashes in Sioux Falls. As a result, 137 people were injured. With increased drinking around the holidays, Prairie View Prevention Services wanted to use the media to show others just how much impaired driving can impact your life. KDLT’s Jill Johnson was our test subject. Today, I’m no longer Jill Johnson the reporter, but…

Harrisburg Asst. Principal Awarded For Heroism Following School Shooting: ‘I don’t know that I will ever forget it’

Rollinger says he doesn’t like to think about what happened on Sept. 30, 2015. However, he has a constant reminder. His office used to be Kevin Lien’s. Everyday he sits in the same spot where the Principal was shot nearly 15 months earlier. “I don’t know that I will ever forget it. It’s one of those things that, you know,…

Sioux Falls Police Respond To Record 100K Calls For Service In 2016

Chief Of Police: 'That's certainly a milestone'

The City of Sioux Falls hit a big milestone over the weekend. Sioux Falls Police took their 100,000th call for service; the most they’ve ever seen. KDLT’s Jill Johnson talks with the Chief of Police about how much the calls and the department have grown with the city. “That’s certain ly a milestone for us,” said Sioux Falls Police Chief…

Police Urge Caution Around Snow Plows Following 2 Crashes, DWI Arrests

Sioux Falls Police are urging motorists to use caution around snow plows after two people were arrested in two separate accidents over the weekend. Police say on Saturday at around 2 a.m., an officer was driving on North Career Avenue near Benson Road, when she had to slow down for a snow plow. In her rear view mirror, the officer…

Car Care For Snow, Freezing Cold Temperatures

Preventative Tips, What To Keep In The Car

According to AAA, a record number of people are expected to travel for the holidays, including nearly 280,000 South Dakotans. The mast majority will likely be traveling by car, truck or RV. But before the arctic air moves in this weekend, we’ve got some tips on how to stay safe while on the road. TMA Car Care in Sioux Falls…

Sioux Falls Mom Promoting Car Seat Safety After Crash

When Is It Safe To Turn Children Forward Facing In Cars?

1/8 Show Caption Hide Caption 2/8 Show Caption Hide Caption 3/8 Show Caption Hide Caption 4/8 Show Caption Hide Caption 5/8 Show Caption Hide Caption 6/8 Show Caption Hide Caption 7/8 Show Caption Hide Caption 8/8 Show Caption Hide Caption A Sioux Falls mom is taking to social media after her children were involved in a bad car crash earlier…

Affidavit: Manslaughter Suspect Punched By Victim Before Shooting Occurred

Witness: Jonathan Puttmann Shot In The Back Of The Head

We are learning more about the shooting death of 39-year-old Jonathan Puttmann, which landed his estranged wife’s boyfriend behind bars for 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter. The search warrant affidavit says, 23-year-old Alex Wittenberg and Puttmann’s wife were in a car waiting for Puttmann to pick up her kids on Nov. 15 in the area of East 9th Street and…

Affidavit Reveals Gruesome Details In Double Homicide

Suspect Allegedly Told Authorities He Wanted To Put Victims Out Of Their Misery

We have new information on a double homicide case out of Sioux Falls that left a 48-year-old woman and 7-year-old boy dead. A search warrant affidavit provides gruesome details of the moments that up led up to their deaths and a possible motive for the crime. It was the afternoon of Nov. 20 when the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office says…

Sanford Emergency Manager Talks Response Following SF Building Collapse

Greg Santa Maria: 'We advanced 50 years in 16'

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – It’s been more than a week since the former Copper Lounge building collapsed in Downtown Sioux Falls. While the incident killed one person and injured another, the response from emergency crews was reportedly second to none. KDLT’s Jill Johnson takes a look at how emergency response has changed in the last decade from an expert who…

State Seeing A Shortage In Court Reporters

They are the eyes and ears of the courtroom, but less people are vying for the job

In a typical court room there’s a judge, the defense, prosecution, and a court reporter.Their job is to take down every word that is being said, and who is saying it.It’s an important job, but the number of people going into this field is declining.And technology and schooling may be to blame.

Marsy’s Law Blocking Crime Information From Being Released

South Dakota voters said yes to Constitutional Amendment S or Marsy’s Law on Election Day. The amendment is aimed at protecting the rights of victims and their family members. At first, law enforcement officials weren’t quite sure how it would affect the amount of information they are able to release to the public. Now we’re learning just how much.

Marsy’s Law May Prevent Law Enforcement From Releasing Information

When we report on a crime, we try to give you as much information as possible. Sometimes that can be harder to do because law enforcement in South Dakota can’t release certain details. Many times, it’s up to South Dakota law. And now a new Constitutional Amendment on the books could change the way we deliver news.

Transgender Bathroom Battle Continues With Filed Petition

"There's other ways to handle it other than throwing opposite genders together"

The debate over which bathroom transgender students should use at school has resurfaced in South Dakota.Earlier this year, Governor Dennis Daugaard vetoed a bill that would require students to use the room aligned to the sex they were born.But now, one man from Box Elder wants voters to have the final say in 2018.