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Clearing The Air: Are You Safe When You Vape?

The vaping industry is quickly growing across the United States; it’s currently a 4 billion dollar industry and is expected to grow to 10 billion in just a couple of years. Vaping is designed to allow users to get a nicotine fix without ever having to touch a cigarette.  But unlike with cigarettes aspects of vaping aren’t regulated.

Sioux Falls Man Jailed For Raping Relative, Pipestone Woman

41-year-old Frederick James McAbee is in jail on a $2 million bond

There are new, disturbing details in the case against a Sioux Falls man accused of raping and threatening to kill a 14-year-old girl. Police say 41-year-old Frederick McAbee raped his relative on Thursday. Court documents show he then raped a woman in Pipestone, Minn. on Friday.

Are Fantasy Websites Illegal? SD Attorney General Weighs In

Fantasy Player: 'I don't think you're ever going to be able to really stop it.'

Two fantasy sports betting companies have gained national attention after they were ordered to stop operating in some states. New York’s Attorney General says wagers on websites like  ‘DraftKings’ and ‘FanDuel’ are based on luck, not skill, making them illegal. But what about in South Dakota?