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Children Suicide Rates Double Since 2007, A Preventable Problem

"We don't know we're in a crisis until it's too late."

At age 10, children should be outside playing with friends and having fun… and not under so much stress that they want to harm themselves or take their own lives. But the CDC says that isn’t the case… and that child-suicide rates have doubled in less than 10 years. A problem that experts say is preventable.

Company Creates T-Shirt To Bring Back Zip Feed Mill Moment

Proceeds Will Benefit Same Charity As 'Boom' Raffle Tickets

Just the mention of the Zip Feed Mill takes many of us back to that cold December day back in 2005, when the building was supposed to be demolished. While the building where Cherapa Place now stands is long gone, a t-shirt company is hoping to remind people of that historical moment in downtown Sioux Falls.