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Six More States Legalize Marijuana: SD Attorney General Weighs In

In what was one of the most contentious Presidential elections in U.S. History, many voters were also faced with some of the most controversial issues. Six states approved measures Tuesday that will legalize recreational or medicinal marijuana. KDLT’s Jill Johnson talked to Attorney General Marty Jackley who weighed in on the possibility of the two ever happening in South Dakota.

Ballot Measures Turn Into Class Project

Students at New Tech High learned the importance of being an informed voter

It’s something we’ve been hearing for a month now, people urging others to take part in their civic duty and vote.But with multiple ballot measures, some that are a bit confusing, this task requires more than just filling out a ballot; it requires doing some homework beforehand.One local government teacher took advantage of this.

Tattoo Artist Offers Help To Victim Of Domestic Violence

"I couldn't believe that someone could do something like that..."

It’s been one week since police arrested a Sioux Falls man for assaulting his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Authorities say Tony Ledbetter beat the woman, then used a scissors to cut off her nipples. Horrified by the incident, the community has been reaching out to the victim, wanting to know how they can help. One man is hoping a little art can make a big difference.

Overcrowding At Minnehaha Co. Jail Leads To ‘Overflow Inmates’

'Overflow Inmate' Escapes Corrections Center, Back In Custody

An ‘overflow inmate’ who escaped from the Minnehaha County Corrections Center Sunday night is back in police custody. Authorities say Anthony Beck jumped a fence after he was transferred to the facility when the jail became too full over the weekend. The warden says overcrowding is something he has to deal with weekly.

‘Can you imagine?’: Police Share Stories Of How Meth Has Affected Children

Sioux Falls Police Seize 29 Lbs. of Meth, Make 651 Arrests So Far In 2016

According to the FBI Crime Report, violent crime has doubled in the last five years in South Dakota. Both Sioux Falls and Rapid City Police gave us an idea Wednesday just how much crime is meth related. They also provided some insight on what they have to witness while on the job.