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Controversial SD Dog Raid Lands On The Big Screen

'The Dog Lover' is based on the removal of 172 dogs from a Hurley man's home

A story that dominated headlines in South Dakota is now on the big screen and being shown in Sioux Falls.’The Dog Lover’ is based on the controversial raid and removal of 172 dogs from a Hurley man’s farm.Now, seven years later, those involved on both sides of the raid are having to relive the experience.

SF Police Chief Talks Bravery In Dallas: ‘Officers were running to the sounds of gunfire’

Local Law Enforcement In Mourning, Show Solidarity With Badges

The local law enforcement community says they are in mourning along with the Dallas Police Department following the death of five officers Thursday night. The Sioux Falls Police Department is showing solidarity, a sign of support by wearing a black band called a mourning band that covers every officers badge.

New Initiative Intended To Improve Downtown Summer Safety

SFPD: 'Pedestrian and foot traffic is everywhere.'

If you’re on social media at all and follow the Sioux Falls Police Department or Downtown Sioux Falls, you’ll be seeing a new slogan. ‘Slow Down Through Downtown’ will be used a lot this month on both their Twitter and Facebook Pages. Police say they’ll also be increasing bike, foot and traffic patrols to help make the area safer.

Search And Rescue, Boaters Weigh In On Lake Madison Drowning

The victim is a 22-year-old man whose identity hasn't been released

The Fourth of July holiday is a busy time for Lake Madison.The water was filled with boaters and jet skiers.But on Sunday night, there was a different feel to it.”At approximately 6:02 we got a page and a text message that there was a drowning at Walker’s Point,” says Lake County Search and Rescue Member Mike Johnson.

Badlands Motor Speedway Hosts First Ever Concert Friday

Brennan: 'Hairball is arguably the biggest and most popular band in the entire Midwest.'

Rock will take the place of racecars Friday night. Badlands Motor Speedway in Brandon is hosting its first ever concert. Fans will hear the music of Van Halen, KISS, Motley Crue, and Aerosmith, in what will be Hairball’s biggest show in 15 years. KDLT’s Jill Johnson was at the speedway where crews were setting up for thousands of people.

Iowa Gun, Ammo Manufacturer Taking Questions Following Orlando Shooting

CEO Says Company Is No Stranger To Threats, Wants To Inform The Public

Following the deadliest mass shooting in our nation’s history, an Iowa based gun and ammo manufacturer says they want to have a civil conversation with the public. They plan to answer questions regarding the second amendment.

Governor Calling On Minnesota Lawmakers To Get Water To Worthington

Dayton: "There is no plan B. The alternative is failure."

Gov. Mark Dayton is calling on Minnesota lawmakers to help get much needed water to the city of Worthington. But in order to approve funding for the Lewis and Clark Regional Water Project, the legislature would have to agree to the terms of a special session.

Sanders, Clinton Campaigns Look For Last Minute Support

Since late May, Donald Trump has had the Republican Nomination for president wrapped up. Some news outlets believe the Democratic Nomination is a done deal as well, naming Hillary Clinton the presumptive winner. But her challenger is hoping for last minute support from the six states holding primaries Tuesday, one being South Dakota.

Great Plains Zoo On Killing Of Gorilla In Cincinnati: ‘It was the right decision.’

An incident that took place at the Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday has captured the nation’s attention. Zoo staff shot and killed an endangered gorilla after a 3-year-old boy fell into the enclosure. A Great Plains Zoo Official weighs in on the controversial decision.

Terry Redlin Students Give Artist’s Son Special Gift: ‘We will miss him.’

On April 24, one of the most famous painters of wildlife and Americana, Terry Redlin passed away. A little more than a month later, students from the school that bears his name, visited his art center. For the center’s designer, who is also Redlin’s son, it was an emotional one.

Killing More Than Pain, Opioid Painkiller Addiction

Former Opioid Addict Shares Her Story

It often starts with an injury in a car accident, a migraine headache, or a painful medical condition. Our doctor prescribes a pain killer to get us through the worst of the pain. It’s from our doctor, so it must be safe right?But take those pills for two full weeks and you could already be both physically and emotionally dependent on that drug.

Pierre: Five Years After The Flood

"We see it as a triumph, something sort of a battle or a war that we fought and won"

Around this time five years ago, South Dakota saw an incredible amount of rainfall in a very short amount of time. Concerns began to rise, as did the water levels on the Missouri River. And in a matter of days, many South Dakota communities found themselves under water. The Missouri River flood of 2011 caused more than $580 million of damage across the Midwest.