Sydney Kern

Setting Up The Court To Hoarding Coffee: Sioux Falls Preps For Two NCAA Tournaments

The madness that March brings continues in Sioux Falls. The city is hosting both the NCAA Women’s Division I and II Elite Eights this week. It’s the Sioux Falls Sports Authority’s job to make sure they’re on schedule. From practices and lining up timers to flights and hotel stays, they’ve got to have it all covered.

City To Provide More Access For Businesses, Residents During Downtown Events

SFPD: 'It became clear to all of us that some changes had to be made.'

The number of events in Sioux Falls has increased dramatically in the last five years. Fifteen of them require streets to close in downtown Sioux Falls, which creates some headaches for people living and working in the area. That’s why the city has decided to make some changes.

Domestic Abuse Shelter Weighs In On Protection Orders: ‘They do amazing things for victims’

A 30-year-old Sioux Falls woman is still in the hospital after police say her ex-boyfriend shot her on Friday before turning the gun on himself. According to court documents, Kellie Dagel had a protection order against Cameron Young and he violated the order last Monday. KDLT’s Jill Johnson takes a closer look at protection orders and how they work.

‘Still Open For Business’ Part 2: Memories With Dad Keeps Fans Buying Sports Cards

Card Collector Ray O'Connor: 'Kind of fun to rekindle some of those memories.'

The world saw the first ever trading cards back in 1886. The sporting goods store Peck and Snyder began featuring baseball teams on them for advertising. Nearly 130 years later, sports cards are still being bought and sold in massive quantities. KDLT’s Jill Johnson visits Triple Play Sports Cards to see how the industry has changed and who is buying.

‘Still Open For Business’ Part 1: Great Stories, Movies Keep Comics Alive

Fans Stand Outside Every Wednesday Waiting To Get Newest Books

It was in the early 1930’s that the comic book industry was born. The first American Comic Book was just a reprinting of comic strips from the newspapers. More than 80 years later, the industry continues to thrive. In Part One of ‘Still Open For Business’, KDLT’s Jill Johnson visits Rainbow Comics to see what keeps people coming through the door.

Corson Pink Ladies Receive Anonymous Gold Coin Gift

"It's going to be given right back to the community to someone fighting cancer”

BRANDON, S.D. – Friday night we’re continuing our KDLT Cares series. About two months ago, we were contacted by a man who said he wanted to give back without receiving any of the credit. We’ve already distributed portions of his gift to a baby battling cancer, a nonprofit who helps women at risk of homeless and the Salvation Army’s Red…