Someone You Should Know

Life Lessons from a Martial Arts Master

Larry Hoover teaches more than martial arts, he shapes character, integrity and respect in our youth.

For as long as he can remember, Larry Hoover has accepted invitations into classrooms to talk to students about the importance of making good choices. Larry is a member of “Character Counts” or “Character on Track,” a program created some years back to get into the schools and gives teachers and the staff a few more tools to work with….

Sioux Falls Woman Adopts Toddler With Special Needs

"She never slows down, ever. She's always going.”

“She never slows down, ever.  She’s always going.” That’s how Brittany Lux describes her daughter, Kaymbria.  Plenty of moms would say the same thing about their 3-year-old child.  But, it took a lot for Kaymbria to become the happy and energetic toddler she is today. She suffered a traumatic brain injury when she was just three months old.  Because of…

Someone You Should Know: Sioux Falls Mom’s Homemade Healing

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – When it comes to cosmetics and beauty products, for Marnie Scott it’s not about vanity or glamour; it’s about healing. She works out of her kitchen to make each product by hand for her line of body care products, Marnie’s Naturals. Though it’s a lot of hard work, it’s Marnie’s clients, many of whom are new parents,…

Someone You Should Know: Sioux Falls Man Finds Purpose Through Sorting Sports Cards

For many, collecting sports cards was a hobby as a kid. But one Sioux Falls man looks at thousands of them each and every day. You could even say they’ve given him more purpose in life. KDLT’s Jill Johnson tells us why Matt Jacobson is ‘Someone You Should Know’. One pile at a time, cards are transferred left to right,…