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SF Chamber Of Commerce Honors Veterans At Lincoln High School

"We're free because of people like you..."

Imagine what it would be like to fly in a plane low to the ground while looking for differences in the landscape… to track the movement of Viet-Kong forces. Friday, one Vietnam War Veteran not only shared his experience serving his country but thanked the men and women who proudly served, and are serving, theirs as well.

Children Suicide Rates Double Since 2007, A Preventable Problem

"We don't know we're in a crisis until it's too late."

At age 10, children should be outside playing with friends and having fun… and not under so much stress that they want to harm themselves or take their own lives. But the CDC says that isn’t the case… and that child-suicide rates have doubled in less than 10 years. A problem that experts say is preventable.