SD Corn Growers Assoc. Board Re-Elects Its 3 Officers

Board members of the South Dakota Corn Growers Association have re-elected all three officers to serve for another year.    Keith Alverson, of Chester, will continue as president; Troy Knecht, of Houghton, will stay on as vice president; and Doug Noem, of Bryant, will again be secretary/treasurer.    The association is one of the largest commodity groups in the state. It promotes corn, represents corn producers on public policy issues and serves as a legislative voice.

State Lawmaker Compares Planned Parenthood To ISIS

Effort To Push Anti-Abortion Bill Through Legislature

A state representative is getting national attention after comparing Planned Parenthood to the terrorist group ISIS. It’s part of his attempt to pass a bill that would ban a certain kind of abortion in South Dakota.

Annual Pay For Teachers In South Dakota Lowest In Nation

SDSU Rallies To Raise Awareness And Stress The Need

From first grade through the end of college, teachers are a part of your daily life teaching you important lessons in subjects from math to history. Across the Nation, South Dakota has the lowest annual pay for teachers which had students and teachers rallying to raise awareness about the need for a change.