Big Paws Canine, Where Dogs Become Service Dogs

The foundation trains dogs to help wounded veterans and EMS personnel

Opening a door, doing laundry or turning on a light are easy tasks for most.But for wounded veterans and EMS personnel suffering from PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, breathing disorders or mobility challenges, these tasks can be impossible; which is where service dogs come in to play.A local volunteer-based foundation in Sioux Falls is training dogs and their owners to help with everyday routines.

Department Using Technology To Protect Aberdeen Police K9

System Protects Dog From Heat Exhaustion: 'If it's too hot for me, it's too hot them.'

Twenty-six police K9s died in the line of duty in the United States last year. According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, eleven of those were due to heat exhaustion. Now police departments across the nation are relying on technology to make sure these tragedies don’t happen.

‘Her name is being ruined’: Husband Defends Wife Following Animal Neglect Charge

Neighbors Call Animal Control After Seeing Dog Outside In Sub-Zero Temps

A Sioux Falls woman is being charged with animal neglect after neighbors say she left her dog outside in sub-zero temperatures. Swain’s husband defends her. He says they never leave the dog out for long periods of time.

Reporting Animal Abuse: What Is Required Of Veterinarians In South Dakota?

A Sioux Falls man has been charged with four counts of animal cruelty after someone posted a video to Facebook in July that captured him allegedly abusing a dog. According to court records, this wasn’t the first time. We take a closer look at what veterinarians are required to do in South Dakota when they suspect such abuse.