Concerns Grow Over Samsung Galaxy Note7

Injuries, Fires and Explosions Due To Battery Defect Reported Across Country

Last week, the FAA warned Galaxy Note7 owners to avoid using or charging the device while on an airplane due to explosion concerns.

Sanford House Honors Major Foundation Donor

One of healthcare's biggest donors will have a $6 million home in his name

You can’t go far without noticing the Sanford name on something in Sioux Falls. That’s largely thanks to Denny Sanford – a major philanthropist in the Sioux Empire. Soon, his name is going up on yet another facility.

Riverboat Days Stimulates Economy, Businesses Thrive

Willa B’s looks to leave name for itself while turning profits

Business at the new Willa B’s in Yankton couldn’t be better. Sure, people love the fresh, eastern flavored coffees, unique rotating menu and South Dakota artwork – it keeps the regulars coming back.