Pierre Businesses Rally Behind Law Enforcement

Guadalajara, Korner Grocery Hope To Inspire Communities

Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in Pierre fed local law enforcement like family on Tuesday afternoon and The “Korner Grocery Challenge” encourages other businesses around Pierre to show their own support for state law enforcement.

New Initiative Intended To Improve Downtown Summer Safety

SFPD: 'Pedestrian and foot traffic is everywhere.'

If you’re on social media at all and follow the Sioux Falls Police Department or Downtown Sioux Falls, you’ll be seeing a new slogan. ‘Slow Down Through Downtown’ will be used a lot this month on both their Twitter and Facebook Pages. Police say they’ll also be increasing bike, foot and traffic patrols to help make the area safer.

Business Owner Targeted In Xcel Energy Phone Scam

"Right away I thought it was real"

In today’s world you can pay your bills through apps, over the phone and online, making the process easier and faster.But with the ease comes the potential for scams, and that potential is hitting small business owners here in the Sioux Empire.

Rising Temps Bring Lower Profits For Dairy Farmers

This week's record-setting warmth hinders milk production in cows

Work on Turner County Dairy Farm in Parker doesn’t stop on Mother Nature’s watch. Manager Steve Bossman still does daily chores like feeding and milking, but now he’s paying extra close attention to how his 1,600 cows are acting.

Fights That Once Weren’t Possible

Sioux Falls Hosts First UFC Fights Wednesday After Banned Less Than Year Ago

Just this past week, the UFC became the most expensive organization purchase in sports history at $4 Billion. On Wednesday night, it comes to the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls for the first time ever.

VA Hospital Expansion To Focus On Oncology Unit

Of the four phases, there's concern with limited space in oncology wing

Construction began more than a year ago to add 8,000 square-feet for a physical therapy clinic and 6,000 square-feet for a specialty medicine clinic, but the current focus is on the oncology unit.

Testimony Continues, Neighbors And Construction Crew

Neighbors upset with Sapienza construction, doesn't match historic character

Brad Sorum was put in charge of the job and testified that he was unaware there were regulations set by the Board of Historic Preservation, and didn’t know that those rules differed than city zoning rules.