‘Right To Publicity’ Bill Must Pass Senate In Last Week

A bill that would establish a “Right of Publicity” in the state needs to be heard this week if it’s to become South Dakota law.    Rep. Elizabeth May is pushing the measure that would prohibit the unauthorized commercial use of a personality’s right of publicity.    May drafted the legislation because some constituents want to put a museum on late American Indian Movement leader Russell Means’s ranch.    She says for that to happen, the state has to have a right of publicity law in place, protecting things like a personality’s name, voice, and likeness from being used in the commercial setting without that person’s permission.    The full House and a Senate committee have passed the measure. It still needs to pass the full Senate.

Changing The Way South Dakota Treats Young Criminals

Reform turns away from court rooms and cells; Focuses on behavior changes

Several recent violent crimes in South Dakota all have one thing in common: teen-aged defendants. Although it may seem like juvenile crime is on the rise, it really isn’t. But that isn’t stopping state lawmakers from taking a hard look at the juvenile justice system.