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Jessen Sets Coyote Volleyball Up For Success

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VERMILLION, S.D.  —  It’s not the position Brittany Jessen, or any volleyball player, necessarily wants to play. “When I was younger I actually really wanted to be a hitter. I thought it would be so cool to play that role. But as everyone else got taller and I stayed the same height I transferred into setting!” USD Senior Brittany Jessen…

Pierre’s Austin Hoss A Boss At State Golf

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PIERRE, S.D.  —  Though Austin Hoss’ dad played college golf at North Dakota State, it’s not exactly like father like son when it comes to the links. “He taught me a little bit but I primarily learned from other people and coaches because he kinda did things a lot different then I did.  Buddies kinda talked me into it and just…

Christensen’s Legend Grows with 800th Win

Christensen's Legend Grows with 800th Win

This wasn’t what Jill Christensen pictured herself doing in the early 80s. “I didn’t expect to be coaching volleyball at all to be honest. So to be coaching this long yeah, it’s been a great ride.” Parker Head Volleyball Coach Jill Christensen says. After all she’d never actually played or coached volleyball when she took over as head coach in…

Janke Brothers Bring Identical Success To Madison

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MADISON, S.D.  —  It’s easy to confuse Jaxon with Jadon Janke. “Almost every day people do get us mixed up.”  Madison Senior Jaxon Janke says. “And our parents even get us mixed up a lot of times.”  Madison Senior Jadon Janke says. “They have numbers on so that helps me out. But they could during the school day.”  Madison Head…

Reiss Leading Charge For Mustang Volleyball

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MARSHALL, MN  —  It’s coincidence that Taylor Reiss wears the number one. “When I came here this was the jersey they gave me so I didn’t choose it or anything!” SMSU Junior Taylor Reiss says. That Southwest Minnesota State was her top choice to play college volleyball coming out of Minneota wasn’t. “I started playing volleyball when I was in…

Streveler Finds A Football Home At USD

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VERMILLION, S.D.  —  Most quarterbacks run from hitting. “To this day still my favorite part of football is the contact. It definitely applied and still applies now.” USD Senior QB Chris Streveler says. Chris Streveler runs to it because he likes it. “He’s certainly one of the more physical quarterbacks I’ve ever had.” USD Head Football Coach Bob Nielson Says….

Boutier Rises From Last To LPGA Tour

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  —  Celine Boutier made golf look easy at Willow Run during the Great Life Challenge. “It’s actually really fun to see, when you visuazlie a shot, and then you actually do it it’s just really satisfying and I did a lot of that!” Boutier says. Which was hard to visualize growing up in France when Celine was…

Opdahl is Dakota State’s Quiet Star

Opdahl is Dakota State's Quiet Star

MADISON, SD…Austin Opdahl’s objective for each game is simple. “Yup (the quarterback) trusts in me to come down with the ball no matter where he puts it so that’s my job.” DSU Senior Austin Opdahl says. How he does that is anything but. “You can’t explain it. Half the time I’m sitting there going ‘oh no! Oh no! Oh My!…

From Walk-On to All-American for Goedert

From Walk-On to All-American for Goedert

Growing up in Britton, Dallas Goedert practiced for the day he’d be in front of a camera. Dallas Goedert, SDSU TE:”Me and my sisters we’d be sitting at the dinner table and it would be dark out and we’d see our reflections in the mirror and we’d always be making faces in it…” These days he works on catching footballs,…

Chris Jacobs Brings Big Bat & Big Fun To Canaries

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  —  Weather was his biggest concern when he came to Sioux Falls. “I was scared it was going to be freezing cold when I got here. I’m from the south, I don’t like the cold! I don’t like the cold! There are some nice places, it’s really a nice stadium. I like everything.” Canaries Infielder Chris Jacobs…

Gottsleben Leaves Remarkable Legacy At USD

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VERMILION, S.D.  —  After 33 years in Vermillion at the University of South Dakota, it’s easy to forget that track coach Dave Gottsleben is actually an alum of arch rival South Dakota State. “You know I just felt like man, this is a great opportunity to learn and, you know, I came here probably a little bit wet behind the…

Parkston’s Reiff Closer to home with Minnesota Vikings

Parkston's Reiff Closer to home with Minnesota Vikings

Riley Reiff cultivated a winning mentality at Parkston High School and the University of Iowa. “I had good people mentor me throughout both and I’m awfully proud of both of those programs and I’m happy to be here.” Reiff says. It’s an attitude that he’s taken through five NFL seasons, and something Riley knew he’d find with the Vikings. “Yeah…

Koelewyn Has College Career Ahead After State Legion Tourney

Southpaw has great selection of pitches

The first thing you learn about him is how difficult the name is to pronounce. “I’ve heard multiple different versions of my name.” Renner Pitcher Spencer Koelewyn says. “It took a few different times.” Renner Head Coach Jack Van Leur says. “Probably more than 20 versions. I’ve heard cold-wine. That’s probably the worst one.” Spencer says. “He had to point…

Janssen Bowls Over the Competition

Janssen Bowls Over the Competition

Since the age of nine Ranae Janssen has been bowling at Suburban Lanes. “I like it because you can do it no matter how old you are. You can do it forever.” Janssen says. And she’s turned it into a career, becoming co-manager with Bob Elrod. “Working here you get to bowl as much as you want which is good!”…

Alex Shattuck Makes Road Trip to Win at Home

Alex Shattuck Makes Road Trip to Win at Home

Prairie Green might as well be Alex Shattuck’s home course since he grew up a few minutes away. “It’s always a good feeling to come home regardless of how long ago it’s been since you’ve been back.” Alex says. These days it takes Alex a long time to come back from his current home, William & Mary College in Virginia,…

Natalie Richardson Makes Noise Lifting & Skating

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  —  Natalie Richardson loves to lift. “For girls it’s a great way to get stronger and you’re not going to look manly or anything!  It helps you in everything emotionally and physically.”  Natalie says. And with the help of world champion Jonah Leo, the Lincoln graduate has made plenty of noise doing it. “I won high school…

Storm’s Rouse A Mighty Mouse In The IFL

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Facing a former team in the playoffs as Robbie Rouse did against Iowa would be motivation enough for anyone else. Robbie Rouse, Storm RB:”Playing your old team with what’s at stake, definitely have a chip on your shoulder.” Then again, when you are nicknamed “mouse” it doesn’t take much to get Rouse going. “It’s followed me since high school. It…

Radel’s Heat Has Him On Recruiting Radar

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  —  Gus Radel’s father was a race car driver. “Husets yup! 410 sprint cars!” Radel says of his dad. The junior has a different kind of need for speed on the baseball diamond. “He’s one of the best teammates I’ve ever had. I’ve played with him since I was a little kid and I’ve got to see…

Injury Helped Lincoln’s Brison Find New Gear On Track

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  —  “It feels pretty good! I didn’t think I could do it but guess I did!” Lincoln Junior Collin Brison Says Of His State Track Performance. Being the fastest runner in South Dakota is suprising to Lincoln’s Collin Brison in part because the junior got a late start in track. “Got into sprinting my freshman year. It…

Gayville-Volin’s Laura Nelson Talents Music To USD Track’s Ears

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GAYVILLE, S.D.  —  There’s plenty of time think when Laura Nelson is running. “Between distance running and short distance running it’s an amazing combination. Running is so simple yet at the same time it’s largely complex.” Nelson says. So it doesn’t hurt to have a tune in her head! “I get real excited when I hear a symphonic band play….