Polar Vortex: How Will It Impact This Week’s Weather?

Another Blast of the Bitter Cold on the Way for the Week of December 12 through 16

Remember back in 2014 when we had the extreme cold weather and everyone was talking about the Polar Vortex? Well it is back! Sort of… While last week was our first cold snap of the season across the Sioux Empire, even colder air is set to move in this week, starting early Tuesday morning. A weather phenomenon called sudden stratospheric…

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Blizzard; the Origin and Frequency of the “White-Out”

The word blizzard is common in these parts, and there are even etymologists (those who study where words come from) who tracked the word’s early beginnings.  Many experts examined publications from all over the globe and found the earliest usage of the word was actually in a newspaper in Estherville, Iowa in 1870.  That’s pretty cool, and would make sense; it’s doubtful that it was coined by some sun soaked, beach-going novelist in Florida.