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Record El Niño Possible, What It Means for Us

NOAA Expects A Very Strong El Niño, How Does That Affect Our Winter Weather?

About three months ago, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, also known as NOAA, announced that the world could be in for one of the strongest El Niño events recorded in history and that this even would rival that of the strongest El Niño ever recorded from 1997-1998. But what does that mean for our winter weather here in the KDLT Viewing area?

Get Enlightened for Lightning Safety Awareness Week!

Know what to do when lightning is in the area.

Humans are very strange creatures, especially when it comes to weather.  We are naturally fascinated by the sky and its demeanor, perhaps it is something programmed in our DNA.  It was probably vital to our success as hunter/gatherers – before we had such luxuries as heated homes, refrigeration, and lasagna.  Now with the introduction of smart phones and social media, we have citizen journalists in just about every home.  That can be great for getting out weather alerts and warnings, but it also causes unneeded exposure to dangerous elements.  One of those elements, lightning, is deadly and unpredictable.  That’s why this week is Lightning Safety Awareness Week!

A Recap of Monday Morning’s Severe Storms


Early Monday morning a strong complex of storms moved through the area bringing some very strong winds and causing some heavy damage. Storms developed late in the day on Sunday and pushed east overnight. Below is a timeline of the storms and how fast they moved. Starting near Pierre around 2:30 a.m. and spanning 190 mile to impact Sioux Falls just a little over two hours later. That is an average of around 85 mph!