Job Location:
Sioux Falls

Job Description:
Daily Duties:
(1) SCM Supply and Interoffice Mail Distribution
(2) Profile Product Deliveries
(3) Driving
(4) Customer Service
(5) Laboratory Sample Pick Up, Oversight, Documentation, Pharmacy Distribution
The Supply Chain Management Courier transports medical records, laboratory specimens, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical supplies, x-rays, correspondence, freight, and miscellaneous items to ensure efficient flow of information and materials throughout all Sanford Health entities and Sanford Health clients.
The courier drives a company vehicle to perform his/her job functions and must follow all Sanford vehicle polices as well as state and federal driving laws.

This position may have access to medication storage areas in order to transport and stock secured items.
The Supply Chain Management courier will demonstrate patience, kindness, and cooperation with clients and co-workers. The courier position may also be asked to adjust schedules to meet needs as the discretion of the supervisor / manager.

A few opportunities available:

Job Requirements:
Previous experience is preferable, but not essential. Worker receives on-the-job training with close supervision. Familiarity with location, various personnel and departments with general hospital regulations. Good organizational skills. Understanding of medical supplies. Must be carefully groomed and observe good personal hygiene.

Applicant must have outstanding customer service skills. Position requires direct contact with Sanford Clients on a daily basis. Position requires driving in all weather conditions throughout the year and the pick up and distribution of Lab Samples and supplies.
Employee must have a current valid Category II driver’s license, and must meet all medical guidelines for Sanford Health Category II drivers.

Must be able to perform job duties in all road and weather conditions. Must be willing to work evenings and weekends. May occasionally be asked to work extended hours as requested by supervisor. When a route is canceled due to bad weather, the Courier is responsible for safe keeping of all specimens picked up prior to cancellation. Scheduled work hours will vary based on the needs of the department or at the discretion of the supervisor. Employees for Sanford Supply Chain Management Transportation may be required to travel to any Sanford facility or client to cover any shift as deemed appropriate by the supervisor / manager.

Contact Information:
Sanford Health Human Resources
900 W. Delaware St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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