Job Location:
Sioux Falls

Job Description:
As custodian, this position is responsible for maintaining facilities on a daily basis and set up/tear down for rentals. As event supervisor, this individual is responsible for the safety and security of all individuals in the facility during the rental period.

-Sets up and tears down for events in The Coliseum.
-Follows the assigned checklist of custodial duties on a daily basis; assists in the overall maintenance of Multi-Cultural Center facilities, including The Coliseum.
-Identifies areas of facilities that may need professional repair and reports information to the Executive Director or Assistant Director.
-Observes all regulations regarding chemical use, material safety and data sheets, and concentrates on performing duties in a safe and efficient manner.
-Operates tools and machinery according to all safety guidelines.
-Serve as an onsite Event Supervisor for rentals of The Coliseum.
-Complete and submit event summary, Incident/Injury report forms with appropriate documentation, and any other requested forms in a timely manner.
-Respond to risk management and emergency situations appropriately by working with public safety and emergency responders, if necessary.
-Assists with the implementation of diversity awareness in all Multi-Cultural Center programs.
-Represents Multi-Cultural Center positively; performs additional responsibilities as deemed appropriate by supervision.

Job Requirements:
-Knowledge of basic cleaning procedures.
-Experience working in a customer service-oriented environment.
-Awareness of safety concerns and risk management.
-Ability to provide positive customer service with excellent communication skills.
-Detail-oriented with excellent observation skills.
-Familiarity with diverse cultures and sensitivity to the needs of a diverse population.
-Flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of Multi-Cultural Center.
-Able to lift 75+ pounds, reach high positions, and do strenuous work for event set-up and tear-down by lifting and moving tables and chairs and other maintenance duties.
-An aptitude for mechanics desired.
-Demonstrate excellence in problem solving, task management, facility security, and communication.
-Valid driver’s license.
-Part-time position, 25 hours/week for custodial; plus additional hours for events.

Contact Information:
Submit cover letter & resume to:
Multi-Cultural Center
Roxie Kelly
515 N Main Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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