Job Location:
Sioux Falls

Job Description:
Part-Time as Needed
The radiology technologist administers roentgen rays in the performance of radiographic procedures as requested by attending physicians. Under the direction of the Clinic Medical Director and in consultation with SC Radiology, the technologist operates radiation-producing equipment while utilizing proper radiation protection principles. The technologist must be able to interact effectively with patients and their family members, physicians and health care workers.
The RT-I must possess the skills and knowledge necessary to be proficient in all applicable areas of diagnostic radiography. Sensitivity and patient confidentiality must be practiced at all times. On a continuum, the Technologist works to develop an understanding of the patient's physical and emotional status. Age variables will not be a limiting factor. Has the knowledge and abilities to observe, evaluate and participate in the educational processes of Radiologic Technology Student. The technologist must adhere to the Safety and Infection Control policies. Must be able to work with growth and development needs of unique client populations. Must have knowledge of CR and PACS.

Job Requirements:
Graduate of an accredited school of radiology. One year of radiologic technologist experience in a clinic setting preferred.

Must be actively registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, or the registry-eligible technologist must complete the registry examination at the earliest testing dates following employment, and all subsequent dates thereafter until the exam is satisfactorily completed.

***If the individual fails the Entry Level exam two consecutive times, there will be an evaluation by the Department Director who will determine one of the following:
Continue employment if overall job performance is satisfactory. If the employee is allowed to continue employment, failure to pass the exam on the third opportunity will result in immediate termination.

Must maintain certification with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

Care is delivered to clinic patients of all ages. Work hours vary according to clinic schedules.

Contact Information:
Sanford Health Human Resources
900 W. Delaware St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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