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Thanksgiving Travel Forecast and Beyond...

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As we go into arguably the most traveled few days of the year in the U.S., everyone wants to get to their destination on time and safely. Well, more often then not, the weather plays a HUGE roll in whether or not that can actually happen. So here is a forecast for your Thanksgiving holiday and I hope I can give all of us some good news.  Now those of you wanting a white Thanksgiving, looks like you are going to be out of luck unless you still have snow on the ground from that weekend storm because temperatures will continue to rise right into Thursday. This is great news for those that are traveling because much of the U.S. looks to be pretty calm on not only Wednesday but Thursday as well.  Below is a travel forecast for the Midwest, and boy does it look good from Chicago to Billings and from Kansas City to Canada, wall to wall sunshine and temperatures some 10-20 degrees above average will greet us all.

Traveling by car through the Midwest looks pretty good Wednesday; however, some of us may run into delays at the airports. Not because of weather around here, however, if your trip takes you to the Northeast from DC to Boston or to the Pacific Northwest, watch out for some delays. You also may run into problems if your aircraft is flying in from one of those cities. But despite these areas, this should be a pretty good travel day with overall delays staying at a minimum…. At least because of weather. Check out the airports that will likely have the most problems on Wednesday.

Now, this is South Dakota and it is almost December so we can’t expect this really nice weather to stick around forever. Colder air will move back into the area starting Friday, however it could be the first dip in temperatures in a series of them over the next week.  Now, the forecasting models have not done very well lately in predicting the longer-term forecasts (4-7 days away), but here is what one such model is showing us right now. Take a look at temperatures 5000 feet above the surface on Thursday and then again on Saturday.

I’m assuming you see the big difference with much colder air rocketing into the Midwest for Saturday. There could be a brief little warm up Sunday into Monday before the next big shot of cooler air Tuesday. Check out those temperatures for Monday and then for Tuesday of next week.

A HUGE change this time with arctic air plummeting into the U.S.! But remember that this is a ways away and will likely change as it gets closer, but enjoy the warm up while it lasts because I doubt there are a lot more 50’s and 60’s in our future.

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