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Recycling Prom Dresses For A Good Cause

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For many young girls the prom is one of the biggest social engagements of their young years, but sadly the price of prom dresses can be very pricey for some families to afford. Now, a Sioux Empire fundraising event is aimed at providing reasonably priced dresses and all the proceeds go to a great cause.

Linda Raney, with the Prom Closet joined us Monday morning to tell us more.

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the Prom Closet.

What is the purpose of The Prom Closet? The purpose of this fundraiser is to
1) provide gently worn, reasonably priced Prom Dresses to young ladies in the Sioux Empire, and
2) raise funds for the Lennox After Prom Committee.

What group puts on The Prom Closet? A group of volunteers from the Lennox After Prom put on the event.  There is also a group of Lennox HS students that are involved as Personal Shoppers and models.

When does the Prom Closet take place? Jan. 13 & 14, 2012

Where does the Prom Closet take place? Second Reformed Church, 1017 S. Elm St. Lennox, SD

Will you hold a dress that I want to purchase at the event?  No.

Can I return a dress once it is purchased?  No.

Will you have new dresses at The Prom Closet?  Yes.

How many dresses will be at the Prom Closet?  It is hard to confirm, but last year we had slightly over 500 dresses. 

Is there a Style Show?  Yes.  Friday, Jan., 13 @ 5:30.

Do you accept credit cards?  Unfortunately, no.  Checks (w/drivers license) and Cash are welcome.

How do I donate a Prom Dress? Contact The Prom Closet (lennoxpromcloset@yahoo.com) and let them know of your donation intentions.  It would be nice to know how many dresses you have, a phone number, a good time to call, where you are located, and if you would like us to pick it up, or if you would like to drop it off at our SF dress drop off location.  We will then e-mail / call you to make arrangements.

How do I consign a Prom Dress? Complete a Prom Dress Registration form, drop it off at the Prom Dress Drop Off 1/10/2012 or 1/12/2012 in Lennox, SD with your dresses. or e-mail lennoxpromcloset@yahoo.com to make Sioux Falls Drop Off arrangements.  Please e-mail your registration form and attach a copy with your dresses.

Where do I get a Dress Registration form? E-mail lennoxpromcloset@yahoo.com and request a Prom Dress Registration form.  Registration forms will also be attached to our mass e-mailings.

What do I do with the Dress Registration form?  Fill out the Prom Dress Registration form and …..1)  e-mail back to The Prom Closet lennoxpromcloset@yahoo.com, and
2) print a copy of the registration form and attach to your dresses when you drop them off. 

How do I get my dress to The Prom Closet? You can either
1) E-mail us your registration form(in advance), bring the dress and paper copy of the Registration form to the Dress Drop in Lennox, SD at Second Reformed on Jan. 10 and Jan. 12, 5-9pm or…
2) Contact lennoxpromcloset@yahoo.com and make arrangements to drop them off, with a paper copy of the Registration form (and e-mail in advance the Registration Form) at our Sioux Falls Dress Drop Off location.

Where is your Sioux Falls Dress Drop Off location and when is it open?  Our Sioux Falls Drop Off location is on the West side of Sioux Falls.  The Sioux Falls Drop Off will be open December 7th.  We need to make individual arrangements for dresses dropped off at this location, out of respect for the volunteer and business location.

When does the Sioux Falls Dress Drop Off close?  We will close the Sioux Falls Drop Off when we reach our limit to take in dresses. Best Suggestion: Make arrangements to drop off your dress as soon as possible.

Can I consign shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc?  Yes.

What is the consignment amount?  The consignment amount is the same as last year, 25% of the selling price.  Consignment shops in Sioux Falls charge 50-60% consignment and THEY price your dress.  We encourage you to price your dress, and will help, if needed.

How is the price of a dress determined?  You are encouraged to price your own dress.  If you would like us to help you, we would be happy to assist.

What if my dress does not sell?  All dresses that do not sell must be picked up between 3-4:30pm on Saturday, Jan. 14, unless other arrangements are made.  If not picked up, we will consider your dress a donation. 

What happens when my dress sells?  We will call you the day it sells.  A check from The Prom Closet will be put in the mail to you within 7 (seven) business days after the sale for the amount that it is sold minus the consignment amount.

Does my dress have to be clean?  Yes.  Dirty, stained, soiled, ripped, torn, damaged dresses will not be accepted. 

What if there is a rip/tear/broken zipper/damage to the dress?  Very sorry, but we can not accept these types of dresses, either.

What if I have more questions or want to talk to someone at The Prom Closet?  E-mail the Prom Closet your question(s), phone number and best time to call.  We will do our best to contact you asap!

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