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Boys Basketball: Gary Munsen Talks About His Final Year

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"Ever since we were growing up," Mitchell Senior Jade Miller says, "Definitely me and Maxwell, we all grew up thinking how we wanna impress Coach Munsen growing up and how we always wanted to play under him."

For nearly four decades that's been the case with most kids in Mitchell, dreaming of the chance to play for legendary basketball coach Gary Munsen. That will change after this season though, as the coach calls it a career.

"I love the game very much," Munsen says, "I love working with the kids, but you gotta quit sometime and I just don't want to get to old where I can't handle the situation anymore and that kind of stuff."

But even in his last year, Munsen doesn't want to be the rally cry for his team.

"I know they're saying, 'We wanna win for the old coach, the old legendary...' that's what the kids are always saying." Munsen says, "I keep telling them, 'Don't win it for me.' I've been in a lot of state championships, girls and boys. And, of course, I'm not patting myself on the back, but I hope they want to win it for themselves, I just want to be along for the ride."

And who knows, maybe he'll decide to stick around.

"I suppose if a 6'9" kid moved in this spring I might think about staying," Munsen says with a laugh "You never know."

As far as his team this year goes, Munsen's Kernals are believed to be top contenders for the 'AA' crown. And showing off the wisdom he's picked up over the years, the old coach knows to have a sense of humor about those high expectations.

"I hope the kids can handle the pressure." Munsen says, "Can I handle the pressure? I think I can, because what are they gonna do? Fire me when I'm done?"

Munsen and the Mitchell Kernals currently sit at 3 and one on the year.

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