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SD Drivers Brave Foggy Conditions On I-90

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Many drivers who have been dealing with the foggy conditions took on the road, and with the number of recent fatal accidents, they urged others to do the same.

Drivers in Humboldt said the conditions didn't keep them off the roads, but instead, changed how they approached them.

"The fog is limiting. I mean, it's a quarter-mile visibility that we had today. So it's certainly significant," said Jim Reynolds, who was driving from Sioux Falls.

The low visibility didn't stop many drivers from thinking twice before hitting the roads.

"The roads aren't too bad, but the visibility is really bad. It's probably less than a quarter of a mile. It's a little bit of wet snow on the roads. You've got to be careful, so they can stop in time," said Ray Gossen, who was driving from Freeman.

"It's as safe as it can be with the slippery road, but I think speed is the issue. If you keep your speed under control, things go okay," said Reynolds.

Drivers also urged others to leave earlier than they need to, watch out for plows and be extremely careful while pulling out of intersections.

"Especially in this fog, when you're right on top of it before you realize it, and then it's too late to slow down," said Tom Kaffar, who was driving in Humboldt.

They said, so far, they have seen most of their fellow drivers obeying the rules, but are keeping cautious of the ones who they know won't.

"Most of the people out there use their head, but there's always those few that are in too much of a hurry, and they're the ones who are going to be in the accidents," said Kaffar.
Preventing those accidents is what those drivers are trying to do. They said they are not worried, but instead, fully prepared.

"We're not used to the winter weather, so now we're going to be used to it again," said Gossen.

Drivers said they did not see as many cars on the road as usual, and said conditions improved as the day went on.
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