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3rd Wal-Mart Proposed Zoning Change

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A third Wal-Mart for Sioux Falls continues to meet resistance.     

City council members get one more night before they vote on re-zoning for the proposed site at 69th and Cliff. But before council members vote Tuesday evening, the volunteer group, Saving Our Neighborhoods, says they will be armed with reasons as to why they are still against bringing the super center to the area.

Council members say Tuesday night they want to look at the zoning change as simply a plan, not the Wal-Mart plan.

"Whether it's a Wal-Mart or another business, it is just the plan that we are taking a look at not the business,” said Kenny Anderson Jr., Sioux Falls city council member. “If the business was controversial or we had problems already within the city if they had a long history of problems, then yes it would be a factor.”

Tuesday night's vote will be to change the zoning of a small section along Cliff Avenue. The section is currently zoned as business not commercial. Wal-Mart would like change the zoning to commercial in order to increase the parking lot size of the future building. The rest of the area Wal-Mart has their eye on is already zoned as commercial.
Council members say Tuesday night's decision will be based on how they would like to see the area developed making sure a new Wal-Mart could be a good neighbor.

"It's not if a Wal-Mart is going to be there, it is what size,” said Anderson “And what it is going to look like and the different things that we can really control.”

Sioux Falls residents against the proposed Wal-Mart say they know they are up against one of the biggest corporations in the country.

"If they purchased the land they could start construction tomorrow. But we want to make sure that construction is done in a way that suits the neighborhood and the current development of that whole part of town,” said Dave Hewett with Saving Our Neighborhoods.
But they say come Tuesday night, there will be important points to make to the council before a decision is made.

“It's about 20,000 square feet less than what they currently have in town and those are regional shopping centers. It's not a neighborhood facility. We want them to develop something that is consistent with the neighborhood,” said Hewett.

Council members say they believe the council has been given enough information from both sides and they do believe a decision will be made Tuesday night.

The public hearing for the Wal-Mart re-zoning request starts at 7 pm Tuesday night at Carnegie Town Hall.

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