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SF Woman Uses MPS Disorder To Inspire Others

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Sometimes good things come in small packages. One Sioux Falls woman wakes up with a smile every day, even though life hasn’t always been fair. Kendra Gottsleben is battling a rare disease, but she’s not letting that stop her. Instead, she’s using her unique situation to help others and that’s what makes Kendra Someone You Should Know.

“You’ve got to have some pizzazz, just a little sparkle,” says Kendra Gottsleben.

At 27 years old, Kendra is only 3 feet tall, but that her small frame lacks her personality makes up for.

When it comes to her office décor, littered with pictures and inspirational messages Kendra says, “I've liked them since....oh I don't know a long time, very long time.”

She loves M&M’s, the color blue and her favorite quote is “When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade,” something Kendra has taken to heart. Life got off to a bit of a sour start, Kendra was born with Mucopolysaccharidoses, called MPS for short.

“Basically we're missing an enzyme that should produce what cleans the cells,” says Kendra.

Not only has the disease stunted her growth, but it also affects her heart, her breathing, and once a week for the rest of her life Kendra will spend a day in the hospital getting an enzyme infusion. You might think all of that would slow her down, but “can’t” isn’t a word in Kendra’s vocabulary.

Kendra says, “The attitude we take in life is what determines the outcome. If you have a positive attitude you will succeed you will meet your goals.”

One of Kendra’s goals was to write a book, and item she’s already able to cross off her bucket list.

“I didn't think at the age of 24 or 25 (laughs) I didn’t know if I really have a lot to talk about but I had a friend who said you know what, I really do think you do...” says Kendra.

The title suits her to a “T.” It’s called ‘live, laugh, lemonade, a journey of chosing to beat the odds.’ And although she admits becoming a best seller would be great, Kendra’s only hope is that her book will inspire others.

 Kendra says, “If I had one message it's to keep trying, keep working on it because we all have it, we all have those obstacles, those lemons, you just keep working towards it and making lemonade.”

Kendra officially released her book on Tuesday in honor of national MPS Day. To purchase a copy of Kendra’s book just visit her online store at: http://kenimagine.storenvy.com/
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