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Science Camp Popular In Sioux Falls

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Students at a science camp in Sioux Falls are finding that science involves more than just reading and solving problems 

The Gateway Academy Science Camp is a week long camp hosted at the Career and Technical Education Academy. It's free for soon-to-be 8th and 9th graders thanks to a federal grant.  

Teachers concentrate on introducing biometric sciences and engineering. Students get to try out making and racing Styrofoam boats, wiring and measuring voltage and modeling the human brain out of clay.  

"So far my favorite part was the robots cause it's a remote control car, it's fun," said Ethan Behm. 

"On the pamphlet it said there was going to be building bridges and stuff and I like to build so that's why I came here," said Sarah Bell. 

Around 100 kids are attending the science camp. The program is so popular that there are 40 more on the waiting list.
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