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Charges Made In 2010 Murder In Sioux Falls

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Lestisha Morgan allegedly stabbed Howard Allen 37 times with three different knives.

After being arrested for a separate murder in the Lone Star State, investigators say the 34-year-old admitted to killing Allen in October of 2010.

On October 26th, 2010 Sioux Falls police responded to an apartment on South Marion Road where they found Howard Allen murdered.
“At that time we weren't quite able to developed enough to issue charges or at least do an affidavit,” said Chief of Police Doug Barthel.

But, investigators say at that time, they found clues that lead them to believe Letisha Morgan spent time at the crime scene. Having met Allen just days before his death, police say they found Morgans identification card from a homeless shelter in Dallas.    

“At that time, there wasn't enough evidence to actually have the probable cause that we needed to make an arrest. There were some pieces of evidence that tied her to the scene but nothing that actually tied her to the crime itself,” said Barthel.

Sioux Falls Police say they tracked Morgan down days after the murder and interviewed her back in Texas. And Highway Patrol spoke to her on her way out of Sioux Falls.

“She was actually encountered along the interstate while she was traveling south. Although, it was unknown at that time that she was involved in this incident,” said Barthel.  

But after being arrested for a separate murder in Dallas, prosecutors say Morgan admitted to killing Howard. She said it was, “just something that happened” and, “it happened in the spur of the moment.”

Minnehaha County officials don't have any immediate plans to bring Morgan back to Sioux Falls to stand trial.   

“When we have a defendant in another jurisdiction that would face a life sentence it would not be a wise use of tax dollars to bring them back for an additional sentence,” said Aaron McGowan.

McGowan said if something happens where Letisha Morgan is not sentenced for murder in Texas the states attorneys’ office plans on extraditing her back to South Dakota.
Officials could not comment on the details of the charges in Texas.
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