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10 °  F Feels Like: -3°
High: 10° F Humidity: 60%
Low: -7° F Dew Point: -1° F
Wind: SE 9 Visibility: 10.00 mi
Pressure: 30.33" Sunrise: 7:36 AM
Pressure: Falling Sunset: 4:53 PM
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KDLT Weather Summary

I think a lot of wishes over the wishbone will be for warmer temps.  We are starting Thursday morning over 30° colder than Wednesday morning, and wind chills are hovering well below zero.  A change is coming though, warmer temps will push into the Dakotas and we will be creeping closer and closer to 50° by Saturday.  It will be a short-lived heat wave because a cold front will ruin the party and have highs in the teens for Sunday.

The following week looks pretty dry, with a lot of sunshine mixed in.  Temps will stay below average though, ramping into the thirties by the middle of next week.  The BEST part about this weather is if any of your guests bring food that needs to stay cold, just put it out on the back step!

Thanks for being a KDLT fan, and have a great day with family!

Brian Kirk

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