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78 °  F Feels Like: 80°
High: 78° F Humidity: 62%
Low: 61° F Dew Point: 64° F
Wind: S 23 Visibility: 10.00 mi
Pressure: 29.70" Sunrise: 7:11 AM
Pressure: Falling Sunset: 7:30 PM
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KDLT Weather Summary

We can thank Mother Nature for doing us a solid – how about temperatures 10-15° above average for the last weekend of summer?  That’s going to be the case today as winds out of the south, up to 30mph at times, drive in warmer, more humid air.  As the atmosphere ripens, we’ll see a cold front drift through the area later tonight which could lead to a few storms into Saturday.

Saturday looks to clear out and open the door for high pressure to step on into the region.  That will produce a string of consecutive days with temps in the low 70s and plenty of sunshine up until mid-week.  A return of showers and storms is looking like a likely factor Wednesday morning and into Thursday.

Enjoy the weekend!

Brian Kirk

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