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Family Loses Home In NE Wildfire

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As day four of battling the what now is called the regional 422 fire winds down, residents surrounding the fire are helping out more than firefighters.


For the town of Springview, NE, they are helping fellow residents who've lost their home.


The little rain and high heat has created the perfect conditions for these fires to burn.  They've used whatever is in their path as fuel,  including Deb Tuerk and her husband's home.


Deb Tuerk said," The fire started on the other side of the river from where our house was."


Deb Tuerk and her husband built a home in the rural part of Springview, NE a few years ago.


"From my dining room window, I watched the smoke all day long," Tuerk said.


Tuerk said she knew the fire was a few miles away from their house, so just incase she packed a few suitcases, and went into to town with a friend. Her husband Mike, kept her up to date.


"Around 10 o'clock some slurry was dropped in our backyard, which was a big forestry canyon," said Tuerk.


Then came the firetrucks,  to try and save their home from the flames that were drawing closer.


They drove way over a hundred miles to get here. In order to avoid what we are experiencing right now," Tuerk said.


What what they are dealing with is what can be seen all around the Niobrara River Valley, which their home use to over look.


The flames were about three stories high..and about ten feet away from the deck before everyone left. And he went up on a hill about 4 miles north of there, and everyone stood on the hill and watched. Mike said the house just exploded," said Tuerk.


Tuerk said the fire was so warm, her husbands fire proof gun cabinet was open and the doors are warped.


"It was like a war zone," Tuerk said. "I've never been to a war zone, but it was complete devastation."


The house is a complete loss, but their two dogs and horse survived the fire.


"But it was just a house, and the people around here make everything worth while," said Tuerk.


 Tuerk and her husband plan on rebuilding their ranch in the same area, and said this will be a new chapter in their life.


As of Wednesday officials said an estimated ten structures had been destroyed. But they said they will not know for sure until the fire is out and they are able to go back and assess all the damage.







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