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Vikings Defense Looks Ready to Go

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The Minnesota Vikings are in the midst of training camp, going to two-a-days and full pads in the afternoon this last week.

There is no question that their defense will be a tough match up for most offenses in the league and the Vikings know that. Some struggles in the back field last year didn't help their cause, but having a veteran like Antoine Winfield back this season in the backfield helps there chances of success even more to help fill the void where they were weak. For members of the defense, there is always only one thing on their mind heading into the season.

"Our number one goal is to win a championship thats why we're all out here working hard towards.  Each day to come out here and get better at something. The coaches are doing a good job of installing the defense, teaching us the techniques, but it's all about us getting on the field and working at it," said Winfield.

First pre-season game is Friday, August 10th at San Francisco.
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