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Wooden bats make a dent in amateur offense

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Dell Rapids Mudcats Jesse Kurtenbach and Nate Henry have been playing Amateur baseball for years, but one change that is new to their game, starts with the crack of a bat...Both power-hitters have been known for muscling ones out of the park, but with wooden bats, hitting among other things, has become more difficult.

"Try not to swing at as many bad pitches..try to find a good pitch to hit...you can't really get away with a whole lot now with wooden bats...it is alot harder to hit with them and hit consistently," said Mudcats player Nate Henry.

Some players have said that the change has been a good thing: they say it has leveled the playing field with the game becoming more of a pitcher's duel, lower scoring and not getting away with cheap hits like they used to.

"The pitchers are more effective, really have to be heck of a pitcher to dominate in alumnium bat era and it is more restricted with wood bats," said team manager, Jim Wilber.

"It definitely helps the pitching-makes it harder to hit but I think guys that know how to hit are still hitting the ball ok 17 everyone's batting average has probably dropped several hundreds points...power numbers have dropped but you still know when you hit it well," said Jesse Kurtenbach.

Overall, they say the change has been positive.

"I haven't tried to change approach too much...I stand a little further from the plate now," said Kurtenbach.

"It has def taken a hit on power numbers but as long as you have hits and produce runs, that's the main thing," said Henry.

And when you catch a good one, you can tell by the crack of the bat! It still goes a long way..

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