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SF Psychic Communicates With The Dead

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Meet Donna O'Dea, a seemingly ordinary woman, with an unusual profession.

"There aren't many people like me,"said O'Dea.

O'Dea is a self-ascribed psychic medium. She doesn't look like the vision most of us have with tarot cards and crystal balls, but she does have a cat, and she says she's commonly misunderstood.

"I just live in a larger world than most people,"said O'Dea. "I see more, I hear more, I feel more. Actually it's fun!"

But Donna says it wasn't always fun. As a young girl she was under the impression that the visions and voices she heard, everyone else heard. Her family didn't know what to think.

"They were frightened! They said,'how do you know that?' I was like I don't know. Don't you know, said O'Dea."

So for years, Donna's gift went unused. Until 1983, after going through a divorce and needing income, the opportunity knocked.

"I said, 'what should I do God', and I got this loud and clear and I said you've got to be kidding,"said O'Dea.

And with her doubts set aside, Donna began her professional career as a psychic medium. Now she uses her feelings, and visions to communicate with those in the other world. Little did our own Meteorologist Kelly Smith know that a long lost family member had followed us to Donna's House; In this case her grandfather.

"I could smell the cigar, and I saw the Band-Aid on the knee. Sometimes it's a picture, a word, or a feeling."

But it's not always a pleasant experience. Donna says on multiple occasions she's communicated, or came in contact with things she describes as evil.

"Poltergeists are really frightening because there isn't anything you can do with it but get out of the way."

And sometimes it's nothing at all; just an overactive imagination.

"It might just be a light bulb popping. Or a faucet that leaks, it might just be the washer, generally if there is a ghost or poltergeist, you can feel that when you walk in the house."

But whether or not you believe in spirits, ghosts, poltergeists or Donna, she says generally ghosts and hauntings are nothing like in the movies, in fact, most are harmless.

"We're helped all the time by souls on the other side. This is the trenches; when you're in a body you're in the trenches; we're always helped."

Helping to give life to questions, answered only by the dead.

If you would like to know more about Donna click here

Phil McIlrath
Twitter: @mackinthemornin
Facebook: KDLT Phil McIlrath
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