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Brookings Minister Keeps Eyes On The Heavens

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If you've ever looked at the sky on a clear, dark night you know the image of the stars and constellations can be astounding. But, if you've ever wanted a closer look, a Brookings man has a pretty cool toy he's sharing with the all those who are interested.

On a busy little street in Brookings, a sign on a tall ladder advertising moon crater viewing welcomes all.

"People walk by and go that's a really big telescope!" said Iver Possehl.

Possehl's very large baby is a 12.5 inch 1973 Cave Astrola Reflector, or to the lay person, a really big telescope.

"It's big, it's clumsy, it's old school technology, but it works great!" said Possehl.

But when it comes to the cosmos, Possehl isn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth--especially one from the Augustana physics department, where officials were looking to find a good home for this visual gateway to the galaxy.

"Would you like a really big telescope? I said, let me think about that...yeah!" exclaimed Possehl.

After a little compromising with his wife, Kristin, the telescope came home.

"My wife said,"you be crazy not to accept it, but it goes on your side of the garage,"said Possehl.

With telescopes of this size, Possehl's house can become pretty popular at times, but there was one time when he got a strange look from the Brooking's police department.

"I've actually had the police stop by one time to make sure that my telescope was pointed to the sky,"said Possehl

But all joking aside, this full time pastor's passion for the planets and stars have grown even stronger over the years.

"You look up and you see the beautiful glories that God has made. It's just glorious,"said Possehl.

Through his hobby, Possehl captures some truly astounding images of Saturn, the stars and the moon.

"You can look at pictures of Saturn and the moon and star clusters and things like that but it's nothing like seeing it with your own eyes. The moon especially is absolutely stunning."said Possehl. "You almost feel like you are in the Apollo Space Crafty getting ready to come in! You're not quite that close, and no you can't see the flag--not even this one!"

This expensive piece of metal and glass gives some old eyes a vision of childhood exploration.
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