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Beware Of Sioux Falls Scams

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Holidays for some people are about giving, making memories with friends and family, or maybe even donating time or money to charities.

However, Sioux Falls Police are warning people to be a little more cautious about who they're giving money to.

One neighborhood in the southeast part of Sioux Falls is a victim to a recent scam involving a man going door-to-door asking for money for his daughter whom he says has cancer.

Police said the story doesn't add up and are on the lookout for scam artist.

"The story kind of tugs on you," said McCroskey.

Larry McCroskey, a Sioux Falls lifer, recently had an unexpected guest knocking at his door.

McCroskey said the mystery man was asking for money for his daughter, “Sadie Mathison,” who is suffering from a brain tumor in Texas.

"He joked up a little bit and he was kind of nervous," said McCroskey.

Officer Sam Clemens with the Sioux Falls Police Department said the conman has pictured quite a scene.

"It turns out that the daughter that he says has cancer does not exist," said Clemens.
"He had a whole back story to this thing and a lot of details, apparently enough to convince people to give him some cash,” said Clemens.

McCroskey didn't give in, even after talking with the scammer for 10 minutes.

"There was a couple, two or three red flags there that made me want to wait and check out the story," said McCroskey.

McCroskey’s neighbor Nancy Huel, found out a way to protect herself from people coming up to her door asking for money, she put up a sign that says no soliciting.

"It's just a good way to you know regulate how you spend your time and day with people and then to avoid pitfalls of people coming to the door asking for money," said Huehl.

Huehl said there's also a fear of whom the stranger is knocking.

"You want to open the door and know it's somebody you can trust but on the other hand it could be someone that could push their way into your home," said Huehl.

These neighbors both hope the con artist is caught soon.

"Whoever it is recognizes what they're doing is wrong," said Huehl.

"If there's no truth to it, I think he should get some jail time," said McCroskey.

Sioux Falls Police said there are two other scams going around town to be aware of, one deals with people calling saying they're from the sheriff's department, it even says the sheriff's department on the caller i.d., asking for money for outstanding tickets or fines.
Another involved a middle school kid selling Yankee candles and pocketing the money.

Police said they know who the mystery solicitor is but have not made contact with him yet.

The suspect will be faced with a larceny or theft fine.
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