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SF Students Rally Around Friend With Cancer

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Two months ago, a 13-year-old Whittier Middle School student's life changed forever. On October 16th, Exavien Carver was diagnosed with Leukemia. Since his diagnosis, things have been rough for Exavien, but they've also been hard on his family, with the high cost of medical care.     

Now, a group of his friends have rallied around Exavien and their efforts are paying off big.

Inside the walls of Whittier Middle school, four seemingly ordinary girls have been doing something extraordinary....

"I think it was just mind-blowing,"said Emma Hockenberry.

...Doing everything they can for a very special friend.

"He's really funny! He can make me laugh all the time,"said Emma.>
"He's Bright and fun, just a fun individual to be around,"said Madie Mahlmeister.

If we had more time, we could fill hours with comments, for Exavien Carver.

"You never want your friend to get sick the way he is sick,"said Emma.

Exavien can't be in school right now, because he's battling Leukemia, but even though Exavien isn't roaming the halls of Whittier, he is not forgotten.

"We were just going to do something small and then out of nowhere it becomes something big,"said Emma.

For the last month, Emma, Maddie, Mya and Lyric have been raising money for the family of Exavien. They've done just about everything from Raking leaves, to selling personalized bracelets.

"We started out with 500 and we only have 40 left," said Lyric Lott.

In just over a month, the four girls have raised over $2,000. To Exavien and his mother, it's very humbling.

"It's kind of Mind-blowing,"said Exavien Carver. "I always knew I had a lot of friends, but I didn't know I had that much!"

And the support keeps coming, from Whittier. Many, from kids Exavien has never even met.

In his first few weeks in the hospital, he got over 200 cards,"said Maria Carver. "The letters all start out, 'Exavien you don't know me but, you always let me borrow a pencil,' 'Exavien you don't know me but you're always nice to me,'"said Maria Carver.

Another thing that Leukemia has taken away from Exavien is his love of playing football. He's a huge San Diego chargers fan, in particular of Jackie Battle, which with a name like that, how can Exavien not look up to him? But he's also hearing from some other greats in the sporting world with words of hope.

"He's had a member of the jets sign a football, Exavien Stay strong. He got a USF signed football, Augie signed a football, the storm...He's got all these footballs in his room!,"said Maria.

But aside from the footballs, cards and support from friends. What Exavien wants most is to be with his friends, and be healthy. His friends think so too.

"Our day is different because he's not there,"said Mya Chastain.

"It's been hard with him gone. Everyday I sit there and stare at his desk,"said Lyric.

But despite the money raised by these four girls, sometimes no matter the situation, the love and care from a friend in times of need, is truly priceless.

Currently Exavien goes through Chemotherapy every other week.
Doctors estimate if everything goes as planned he should be able to attend school next fall with his friends, both old and new.

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