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SD Reacts To Obama's Gun Violence Package

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Senator John Thune said he doesn’t agree with all of President Barack Obama’s proposals for gun control. Wednesday, he held a town hall meeting in Sioux Falls and after he spoke with KDLT about he would like congress to do.

Sen.Thune said he feels President Obama is over reaching when it comes to gun control. He said he wants congress to sit down and talk about what the issues at hand really are and make a plan.  

"I'm convinced that the things they are talking about, the new restrictions on the Second Amendment will not accomplish that,” said Sen. John Thune.

Thune said taking rights away from citizens is not the way to go. He also said making it more difficult for people who already have guns isn’t ideal either.

“Under the legislation that is being proposed now, they’d have to go down and get finger printed, get registered make sure that they (the gun) wouldn't be transferable when the person dies, or through a sale,” said Thune.

Thune said he agrees with Obama’s proposal of universal background checks, and he wants congress to sit down and discuss strengthening the National Instant Criminal Background Check System already in place.
"The NICS system that we have would capture more of the information of those who have mental illness conditions and criminal backgrounds, things that like. I think we could reform our background system,” said Thune.

He said then those who shouldn’t be able to purchase a gun, will hopefully never get one. And in turn, American’s will be much safer.

But not everyone agrees with Sen. Thune or President Obama.  
You just want them to take action with what we have know, find the issues, and fix them,” asked Breanna Fuss. “We don't need anymore laws in this country. We have too many laws already that they can’t or won’t enforce,” said Terry Steenholdt, a gun owner.

Steenholdt said the real issue is the individuals who already own guns and shouldn’t. He said hearing Obama speak about making gun laws more strict or having more background checks is déjà vu.
"It's a oh we will feel good, because we tried to do something, and they know that that something has been tried and doesn’t work,” said Steenholdt.

Steenholdt said Obama’s plan won’t work. He feels too many laws that ban guns or create restrictions makes no one safer.

“The good guys got to have the guns, and the bad guys have to understand anywhere they go there might be gun pointed back at them,” said Steenholdt.

One thing Thune and Steenholdt did agree with President Obama on was an executive order that will make prosecutions for those who lie on backgrounds.

 Thune also said overall congress should focus on the national debt rather than spend the $500 million proposed by Obama for the gun violence package.

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