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SD Dodges Another Major Winter Storm

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The second of 2 straight potent winter storms we have been tracking for the last 10 days is moving through the central and southern Plains and could bring another 2 feet of snow to parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.  This storm had its sights set on South Dakota and Nebraska first, but a strong ridge of high pressure is pushing the storm much further south and bringing more moisture to many drought stricken areas of the central U.S.  Even though most would say we dodged a bullet, the moisture would have been wonderful for the area and more rain and snow is greatly needed, especially along and south of the I-90 corridor.  But some of us still may not make it out of this storm completely unscathed.  There are some indications that light snow may develop across the southeast Tuesday and Tuesday night.  This would not be anything significant, but another inch or 2 would be possible if it can develop.

The heaviest snow will stay well to our south, however there is some uncertainty whether a band of light snow can develop Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday night in our southeast that extends through much of Iowa and into the Chicago area.  Check out the probability of at least 2 inches of snow from Tonight through Tuesday night.

Notice that there is a much higher likelihood to our south, but there is still a possibility in our southeastern areas.  This is because of a couple computer-forecasting models showing a light band of snow developing along the leading boundary of some cooler air that moves southward on the backside of this storm system.  Look at one of these models.  The following image is liquid precipitation totals for a 6-hour period Tuesday evening.

Notice the green shaded area in our southeast..... this is a band of light snow that would develop according to this model.  This shows up on the possible snow totals for the next few days.  Take a peak at the totals possible across the country.

I don’t have totals on here, but you can see where the bulk of the snow will end up, across the southern Plains yet again.  In fact, after this storm, there will be some parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas that have seen more snow this season than much of our area.

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