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Delaying School In Madison In Question

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School districts in South Dakota are dealing with making up snow days, following last week's spring storm.


In Madison, their district is faced with greater challenges preventing them from keeping their students in school a few days later than expected.


Many people in Madison's school community are wondering one question, when is the school year going to end?


“Let’s face it; students are ready to get out," said Schaefer.


Vince Schaefer, Superintendent of the Madison School District, says last week's storm cancelled school for three consecutive days.


“The parents just want to know, most of them say can you just tell me because a lot of them want to plan, they might have church plan activities, vacations, the students might have summer jobs," said Schaefer.


Delaying school because of the spring storm puts Madison in a hard spot because they're in the middle of a $14.5 Million renovation.


"We need to turn over 15 classrooms to the construction process as soon as possible," said Schaefer.


The Madison schools are undergoing major facelifts and modernization, with new classrooms, science labs, as well as a brand new gym, which will seat more than 2,000 people for various athletic events, graduation ceremonies and hopefully tournaments.


During a tour of the facilities, parts of the buildings have no ceilings; builders are working in hallways where kids walk to class and the cafeteria is separated by a clear construction sheet, where you can see and hear kids socializing on the other side.


"I think it disturbs the adults more than it disturbs the kids. I think our kids enjoy it, they enjoy seeing the change and the process," said Schaefer.


With a few options about what to do with the end of the school year, many factors are on the table.


“The start of the school in the fall is more valuable to the learning process then the end of school in the spring," said Schaefer .


According to Madison’s Public Work’s Director, last week, Madison saw more than 15 inches of snow, with costs more than $20,000.00 between snow removal and labor efforts.


The school district will hold a special meeting next week to decide the student's end date.

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