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Gas Prices On The Rise

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In some areas across the Midwest gas prices have reached an all-time high.

In fact, the Twin Cities average price for gas is the most expensive in the nation at $4.32 per gallon, according to www.gasbuddy.com

In Sioux Falls, motorists are starting to see a similar situation.

Madison resident, Ron McKinstry, may not have to pay for the gas he puts in his company van, but the price on the pump still shocks him.

“I looked at the pump and said ‘Holy Cow! 30 cents in one day?’ (It) went from $3.79 to $4.09!" said McKinstry.

It's such a big increase, McKinstry said he may have to fill up a little bit less when he can.

“(I will) in my personal vehicle, yes. This one here I have no choice. I have to go where I have to go to service my customer," McKinstry.

And McKinstry isn't the only one thinking of cutting back.

“We haven't yet, but we may start thinking about it," said Sioux Falls resident, Ernesto Alfaro.

Alfaro is feeling the pain at the pump too. He has to gas up his van once an week and get a little extra for his lawn mower.

“It’s kind of hard now you know? But we get so used to the low prices and now it's getting higher. It's going to hurt a little bit," said Alfaro.
According to a AAA survey, the average price of regular gasoline in Sioux Falls was $3.91 on Thursday.
On Friday they reported the average price rose to $4.04.

A 13 cent increase in just one day.

“I'm always a little bit late. When I get to the pump, it's gone up!” said Sioux Falls resident, Nyla Reker.

Like Reker, many are wary the price of gas is only going to go up, especially as Memorial Day approaches and many take to the road.

"I've learned to just go along with the flow. That's just the way it is. Sometimes they're higher. Sometimes they're lower. Sometimes you can go pretty far on not so much!” said Reker.

While gas prices across the country are high, they aren't a record for this time of year.

AAA reports the national average price of regular gas last year at this time was $3.72. The current average price of regular gasoline nationwide is estimated at $3.61

The gas price spike came after the closure of oil refineries in the Midwest, for maintenance, including two large refineries in the Chicago area.

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