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Riggs Academy/NFL Teaches Kids to Tackle Safely

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Most kids say tackling is their favorite part of football.

"(Are you a big hitter?)  Mmm Hmmm!"  Jackson Geerts says.

They just may not now how to do it.

"(How do you lay a big hit on someone?)  You go tackle them very hard.  As hard as you can."  Geerts says.

That's what Heads Up Football and Kurtiss Riggs are trying to change.

"The reason you see a lot of poor tackling now is it's so instinctive.  And so if we can try to teach the kids, especially the younger kids, the correct way to tackle hopefully we can prevent some injuries as they get older and stronger."  Sioux Falls Storm Head Coach Riggs says.

Funded by the NFL, the program pays for coaches in junior football leagues to get the proper certification to coach and teach proper technique.

"Creating a foundation of the proper way to tackle is that you don't have to re-train them when they get to High School.  And we have an opportunity to do that.  It's not un-train players, it's train them for the first time the proper way."  South Dakota Junior Football President Ken Sproles says.

"Before we even get the pads on we want to try to work that technique and let them hit those dummies."  Riggs says.

And some kids are learning another lesson....

"(You a big hitter?)  Unh Uhh.  Probably gain some more weight."  Gabe Bitz says.

....That they'd rather play another position.  In Sioux Falls Zach Borg, KDLT Sports
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