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Lake Poinsett Rebuilding After June Storm

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It was three weeks ago that storms ravaged Lake Poinsett. The strong winds took the life of a 63-year-old woman and destroyed several homes.

For many who live on Lake Poinsett life is pretty much back to normal; a far cry from just three weeks ago.

Elizabeth Mcgeough who lives on Lake Poinsett said, "We saw the storm come from the west over the lake so it was pretty windy and big waves."

On the afternoon of June 21, clouds covered the lake, then 80 mile an hour winds ripped through the area.

Mcgeough said, "A lot of pontoons were flipped over onto the beach and damaged."

Mcgeough says she was lucky. She was left without power for about 48 hours, but the damage to her home was minimal. A few windows were broken and it most likely needs a new roof, but it was mainly just the trees that took the brunt of the storm.
"We had a lot of tree damage, a lot of large branches down. In our walkway and in our driveway," said Mcgeough.

However, just a few houses down, the storm painted a different picture.

Zeb Bartels of Bartels Constructions said, "Lots of trees down. Looked like a tornado basically."

Their neighbor had two cottonwood trees laying on top of their house.

Bartels said, "Basically the top rafters were laying on the first floor and the second floor was laying the first floor."

Still today, construction crews hammer away and the sound of saws fill the air while crews continue to rebuild what was so quickly ripped away.

Bartels said, "We basically ripped down the whole half of the house."

Crews say it will be a $50-$60,000 repair.

The repairs to the home won't be complete for at least a few more weeks.

Deborah Kay Larson of Sioux Falls was the woman who died that night. Authorities say she tried to seek shelter in the bath tub of her trailer located on the east side of Lake Poinsett. They say the storm lifted her home and dropped it to the ground.
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