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Mayor Calls For $19 Million More in 2014 Budget

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Mayor Mike Huether presented his proposed budget for 2014 to the city council Thursday. The total budget is $19 million dollars higher than last year.

As Mayor Mike Huether stands in front of citizens and city council members, he says the $386 Million dollar proposed budget for next year is one of the largest Sioux Falls has ever had. The Mayor says the biggest general fund expenditures from this budget will go to public safety, which includes police and fire protection.

“Public safety is the primary focus with about 38 percent of these dollars going to public safety. It’s a little over $53 Million,” said Huether.

The second biggest expenditure of $23 Million or 17 percent will go to the streets, something the Mayor says will keep Sioux Falls moving strong.

But the Mayor has made room for new projects he wants to make happen including snow gates.

"The budget will have the funds to fully roll out snow gates for our town. They told me they wanted snow gates when I was running for Mayor and the message is even more powerful now as we're testing them," said Huether.

Huether says you can see neighborhood parks, the bike trails and even a possible indoor aquatic facility that's new in the budget. It’s making Huether optimistic for the future and for continual growth in the city.

"For generations we have been talking about how someday wouldn't it be great where our kids and grandkids would want to stay, that someday is now. Our kids and grandkids are moving back to Sioux Falls," said Huether.

The Snow gates and the indoor aquatics center are not yet finalized.

The mayor says the city will maintain a 30-percent reserve level for the upcoming year. This means that money could go to things such as natural disasters in the city.
$164 Million in revenue for the budget comes from sales and property taxes within the city.
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