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Group Demonstrating 2nd Amendment Right

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If you happened to be in Sioux Falls Saturday night, you may have seen something a little out of the ordinary. A group of people walking down the sidewalk of Minnesota Avenue carrying guns. It’s something the South Dakota Open Carry Sioux Falls Chapter organized to exercise their Second Amendment Rights.

It’s been our right for hundreds of years and Saturday many met near Minnesota Avenue to demonstrate that right that’s been in our Constitution. It’s the right to bear arms.

“When you are a law abiding citizen, you have that right to carry a gun and any kind of gun and it’s in our constitution to do so,” said Representative Manny Steele of Sioux Falls.

The South Dakota Open Carry Sioux Falls Chapter organized the ‘Open Carry’ gun walk. They were walking side by side down Minnesota Avenue, some carrying flags but most carrying different types of guns that were holstered on their hips or over their shoulders.

It’s perfectly legal. In South Dakota you can carry a gun in most places if it is not concealed. However, you need to have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

“We want the public to see what law abiding gun owners look like. What they see on the news in criminals using guns for wrong things. They don’t show law abiding citizens using them for the right things,” said South Dakota Open Carry’s vice president Jesse Rierson.

Chapter vice president Jesse Rierson is one of the many carrying guns on Saturday, exercising his rights.

“I am carrying a side arm, Glock 23, 40 Caliber Pistol and an AR 15,” said Rierson.

Rierson says he wants people to see gun owners being peaceful and walking down the streets just like everybody else.

“I hear a lot of we don’t need to do this and we don’t have a reason to do this but when it comes to rights, you don’t need a reason to exercise rights. That’s not what rights are about,” said Rierson.

Mitchell pastor Kristi McLaughlin was one of the many that questioned the walk. She was planning a peaceful protest but cancelled after receiving hateful messages and comments online.

South Dakota Open Carry says they are saddened by the news and do not condone anyone making threats on either side of the issue in an attempt to suppress a group or an individual from exercising their rights.

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