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Morning Anchors Reveal Best U.S. Cities For Pizza

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No matter how you slice it, pizza is one of America's favorite foods. But where can you find the perfect slice? Trip Adviser, the world's largest travel site announced the top cities across the country that serve the best pizza.  Friday morning, Phil and Laura took you to the top five, with help from our friend, Ryan Fossum of Boss' Pizza in Sioux Falls who helped weigh in on the results.

Coming in at number 5 is Seattle, Washington. Pizza lovers visiting this pacific northwest hub will be thrilled to taste the city's signature thick and hearty artisan pizza made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

At number 4... (which Laura thinks should be number one) is...New York City. Travelers to the big apple craving authentic, thin crust pizza will be in their glory as they bite into a scrumptious slice at one of new york's famed pizzerias which include Lombardi's, Di Fara's, and Patsy's.

The number 3 city is Boston, Massachusetts. Those visiting bean town can enjoy pizza made the old fashioned way. Joints like Regina Pizzeria located in the Italian north end serve pizzas  made from an 80-year-old family recipe.

Coming in at number 2 is Las Vegas. While visiting Vegas, travelers can step away from the slots to double down on some pie.  favorite shops include "Secret Pizza" located on the strip and Nora's where diners can devour the "Snow White" pizza featuring a medley of cheeses. Travelers say Vegas Pizza is Brooklyn Pizza in the desert.

and if you want to try the best pizza.. you have to head to the Golden State..

The number 1 city to get the best slice, believe it or not,  is San Diego, California. Those traveling to seaside socal can enjoy authentic tastes of Italy just miles from the Mexican border. The city has more than 100 nearby pizzerias.

Other cities that made the list include Austin, Texas, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Phoenix, Arizona.

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