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Politicians Skeptical Of Russia And Syria Deal

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President Barack Obama is set to speak to the nation Tuesday night about the situation in Syria and potential U.S. involvement. But, some law makers aren't sure President Obama's plan is a good one.


After two long drawn out wars in the past decade plenty of Americans question President Obama when he says military action must be taken in Syria.


The president's speech will attempt to convince Americans air strikes are needed, but some members of congress say they need convincing, too. 


The U.S. Military is on hold. Cargo planes and fighter jets wait on air strips in Turkey for further instructions, instructions that could take them south to Syria.


The fighting in Syria has been on going and the recent use of chemical weapons that killed thousands outside of the countries capitol has countries throughout the world up in arms.


President Obama says military action is a must.


Senator John Thune was in the situation room in the White House, Monday night and has a better understanding of how and why the president thinks air strikes are needed. 


“If the use of chemical weapons goes un-responded to then what happens when Iran decides to raise the stakes with their nuclear program. That becomes a tremendous threat to the region and to many of our allies, including Israel,” said Sen. Thune.


But, diplomacy may already be underway. Russian officials say they've struck a deal with Assad that would have Syria turn over their chemical weapons, a deal that has some skeptical.


“President Reagan certainly reminded us one time when dealing with the Russians that we need to trust but verify. And this offer is certainly hypothetical at this point. So, I wouldn't put too much stock in it right now,” said Rep. Kristi Noem.


Minnesota senator Al Franken made this statement:


"There is no question that a diplomatic resolution to this crisis would be far preferable to military intervention. While the new diplomatic proposal floated by Russia needs to be treated with skepticism, I remain hopeful that it can lead to the desired result: that the Assad regime will no longer be able to use chemical weapons."


Tuesday night brings a speech from President Obama and members of congress wait for a more concrete plan for military action in Syria.


“They don't know what plan B and C could be, or if we're prepared for that. That concerns me very much, and that’s why I'm not currently supportive of taking action, especially military action,” said Rep. Noem.


“If this is something that is important, tell us why it is important. Tell us why Americans ought to be concerned with what's happening in regards to these chemical weapons used by Assad,” said Sen. Thune.

Senator Tim Johnson had this to say:


"I met today, with President Obama, and he made a forceful case that action needs to be taken regarding Syria's use of chemical weapons. Tonight, he will take that message to the American people. I am hopeful that we can still find a diplomatic solution. I encourage President Obama to pursue action at the U.N. to build international support and determine the sincerity of the Russian and Syrian proposal."

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