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More Moisture Boosts Yields

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The drought of 2012 pushed farmers in the Upper Midwest to the brink. Some farmers were cutting their corn for silage in late summer knowing their crops were a complete loss.


Things are a little different this year, as farmers finish up in the fields, 2013 is looking like a good year.


It's probably a corn stalk's least favorite time of the year, but for the farmers who guide their combines through the never ending rural rows, harvest time is money time.


“Leaps and bounds. Yes,” said Dalton Gath.


That's how much better this October is compared to last's. 


“It was pretty disheartening last year. You put all that hard work and effort and you get out there in the field after a drought like we had and to see those yields that we had. It was pretty discouraging to say the least,” added Gath.


Dalton Gath is a young farmer. So, the drought of 2012 was some of the worst conditions he's seen. And being in the family business, he's heard plenty about previous droughts.  


“They compare it to years past, droughts back in the 70’s and stuff like that. And I heard it from just about every farmer who has been around,” said Gath.


And with a plan to stay in the agriculture business, Gath knows he'll be telling the story of the 2012 drought when he's older.


“I'll have a story to pass down someday. I'll be that old guy,” joked Gath.  


But, the bad times are in the rear view and ahead, nothing but healthy corn.


“I mean this is more of what we expect compared to last year,” said Gath.


Gath and his family are harvesting anywhere from 175 to 210 bushels per acre for corn.


“Prices aren't as good as they were last year, obviously. But, if you can make it out with bushels, it could be just as good,” said Gath while driving his combine.


It's a familiar sight across the Upper Midwest, as farmers turn a year’s worth of work into a paycheck.

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